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Brookville historical tour of the valley
Main Street Inc. is sponsoring horse drawn carriage rides to learn about the history of twenty homes and sites located in the valley.
The tours will be offered on Saturday, Sept. 15 beginning at the Seminary at 402 E. 5th St. at 2 p.m. The tours will continue at 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.
It will begin with a tour of the Seminary, which was completed in 1830 and used for school purposes. This building was used as a private residence until 1968 when the Franklin County Historical Society purchased it.
Some other stops that will be made along the way include:
• The Samuel Goodwin house on 643 E. 5th St. Mr. Goodwin has been called the “Father of Methodism” in Brookville.
• The Carol Morton house and relocated cabin on 640 E. 5th St. This is a Federal style home built in 1849 on Clayborn St. which is now 5th St.
• The site of the Bunz house and tannery on 450 Water St. This is just south of the Morton was. The house was destroyed in the 1913 flood.
• The Kolb’s brick house near 6th at 609 Market St. The accessor records date this house to 1880’s, but local lore says that it may been around much earlier.
• Randolph Park at 7th and Market Sts. The “Kiddies’ Playground” which was envisioned by John Randolph.
• The Hermitage on 650 E. 8th St. Today, this house serves as a bed and breakfast and has been one since 1998.
• The Heap Memorial Pool on 570 E. 9th St. This swimming pool has been a staple of the community since 1961.
• The grandstands. Before the fire in 2004, the grandstands were built in 1922 when Brookville joined a semi-professional baseball league.
• The Log Cabin Memorial project. This project was sponsored by the Kiwanis and Garden Clubs and was completed in 1934.
• The Baudendistel shelter. This shelter is named in honor of William and Catherine Baudenistel who operated a dry goods store in Brookville.
These are just some of the stops will be made on the tour. The cost is $10 each. The tours will last about 50 minutes with pick up and drop off being at the Seminary.