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BTC Continues Conversation about Brook Hill Golf Course

By Olivia Fledderman, Contributor
At the Brookville Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 11th, the town council members decided not to give up on the possibility of purchasing Brook Hill Golf Couse just yet.
When town council members last talked to Dave White, the auctioneer in charge of the potential auction of Brook Hill, he reported that the owners of the golf course are set on a firm price of $1.1 million. The town council members are not willing to pay this price, and they would like to negotiate with the owners to see if a different price could be agreed upon by both parties.
However, previously the owners had voiced they didn’t want to talk prices or negotiate with the town until appraisals had been conducted. BTC was not in agreeance with this idea because they do not think it would be sensible to spend money on the appraisals if the owners aren’t ever going to be willing to settle on a price that the town is willing to pay.
Therefore, at the meeting, the town council members decided that BTC members Curtis Ward and Darrell Flaspohler should schedule a time to meet with the owners and see if they would potentially be willing to negotiate prices prior to having appraisals done. If they are not willing to, then the town council will have to decide if they even want to continue on further or not.