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Meth trial defendant guilty on both charges

By Makenna Mays

Brookville— The jury reached a verdict on the evening of Tue. Aug. 28 for The State of Indiana vs. Lola Sells case.
The jury comprised of five females and seven males deliberated for a little over an hour before reaching a guilty verdict on both charges against Sells.
Sells was being tried for two Level 3 felonies, the first dealing meth over five grams, and the second conspiring to deal meth over five grams. Sells was represented by attorney Ross Thomas.
The trial began on Monday, Aug. 27. This case stems from the investigation of the death of Felicia Craig, 25, whose body was found at New Point Truck Stop on Aug. 26, 2014. It is alleged that Craig overdosed on seven grams of meth that she received from Sells.
Craig was supposedly picking up the meth from Sells to bring to her boyfriend, Adam Wagner. As Craig was traveling home on I-74 she was pulled over in Franklin County by Sgt. Chris Smith for traveling in the left lane. It is alleged that at this time Craig swallowed all seven grams of meth. Craig’s body was found later in the evening at that truck stop by someone who was commuting home from work.
Over the course of the trial, 14 witnesses testified against Sells. Some of those witnesses include police officers who helped investigate the case, a forensic pathologist who testified as an expert on toxicology and Adam Wagner, who was Felicia Craig’s boyfriend at the time and an alleged conspirator in the drug deal.
The defense did not call any witnesses.
In the closing statements, The State reiterated that they had more than abundantly proved their burden of proof. Thomas wanted the jury to consider venue, given that the crime did take place across multiple counties, but some of it did occur in Franklin Co.
Sells will be sentenced on Oct. 10 at 9 a.m. and will be held at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department pending sentencing.