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Brother allegedly stabs brother in Brookville

By John Estridge, Editor

An attempt at marital counseling allegedly ended in a fight between brothers, with one being stabbed and the other arrested.

George W. Browning, 46, was charged with Battery with a deadly weapon, as a Level 5 Felony.

His brother, Herschel W. Browning, was treated and released at University Hospital in Cincinnati for minor vascular damage in his neck.

According to a Brookville Police Department report penned by BPD Officer Michael Strait, which was then used as the Affidavit of Probable Cause, Jodi Browning, 28, is married to Herschel, and they live at Johnson’s Trailer Park, which is located behind IGA.

She said she invited George over to Herschel and her trailer in order for George to help mediate a discussion between her and Herschel about marital issues.

During the discussion, Herschel became angry and walked toward the back door. George told Herschel not to leave but stay and try to work this out.

Herschel walked out the back door and then came in the front door, carrying a crossbow.

Herschel told George “you aren’t going to tell me not to leave my own house.”

George then pulled out a pocket knife and opened it. Herschel put down the crossbow on the kitchen counter, stepped towards George and said “are you going to put the knife up and fight me like a man?”

George replied that he was too old to fight like a man anymore.

Jodi got her children out of the area. When she turned back, the two brothers were fighting. She did not know who threw the first punch.

George apparently stabbed Herschel in the neck prior to Herschel putting George in a headlock, they traded punches. Eventually, they both went to the floor. They quit fighting, Herschel went to the crossbow and shot a bolt from the crossbow into the floor inside his residence.

They talked about the fight for a little bit and then Herschel left the residence. George told Jodi he would answer for what he did. He was leaving but when he returned, George said he would go to the Brookville Police Department.

Herschel went outside and asked some people to call 911.

Jodi said George’s girlfriend, Julie Stock, works at RDI in Oxford, Ohio.

Strait asked the dispatch to contact the Oxford Police Department. Thus, the OPD located George at RDI in Oxford and took him into custody.

Herschel was transported to University of Cincinnati Hospital for treatment by EMS.

Jodi later told Strait, Herschel has to get follow-up treatment for his injuries.

Strait went to Oxford and talked to George. It was about 5:55 p.m. After doing the Miranda Rights, George said he would talk to Strait without a lawyer being present. Strait recorded the interview on video and audio.

According to Strait, George corroborated Jodi’s statement of events although he did vary by saying Herschel pointed the crossbow at George before putting the crossbow down.

George said Herschel threw the first punch. He dodged the punch and then stabbed Herschel in the neck.

OPD officers presented a pocket knife they had taken off George and gave it to Strait. When Strait returned to Brookville, he put the knife into evidence.

After the interview was completed, the OPD transported George to the Butler County Jail in Hamilton, Ohio.

Jolliff Wrecker Service went to Oxford and brought George’s Dodge Durango to the Jolliff facility off Yellow Bank Road.

If convicted of a Level 5 Felony, George could receive a prison sentence of one to six years in prison