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Dear Editor,


Are you confused by the mixed messages coming from our president and government officials? It's time to start dealing with REAL facts, not alternate facts.

Here are some recent facts:

Fact: Trump is mentally declining. In 578 days in office he has made over 4000 untrue statements or direct lies. This is a fact determined by black and white print fact checkers.

Fact: The entire body of ALL government agencies got together for a joint TV news presentation on the status of the Russian involvement in meddling in our 2016 election. It was unanimously agreed that Russia did, and continues to meddle in our political process.

Fact: Six hours after this news broadcast by these agencies, Trump calls the whole thing a hoax at a Pennsylvania rally, and the media is the enemy of the people. This is our president doing what he does best, cause turmoil and distrust in our government, and tell another big lie!

Fact: All of his claims are based on NO FACTS!

Fact: Robert Mueller, special council, has indicted a lot of people and more to come. I believe that Trump's own mouth will convict him of obstruction of justice in the end. Especially if he sits down with Mueller for an interview. You can always tell when he is lying, his lips are moving!

Fact: Trump calls Mueller's investigation an illegitimate and a made up hoax. When you have a grand jury handing down indictments and people pleading guilty to a multitude of charges, it's based on facts, not made up hoaxes.

Fact: Trump still will not stop being cozy with his buddy Putin. He says Putin “strongly asserted that Russia did not meddle” in our election. At some point you have to say this crosses the line and treason is one of the possible charges that could result from it. Basically, Putin declared war on our country, and Trump is blindly falling for Putin's lies. WHY?? Is Trump really that stupid??

Fact: One of the saddest moments in America's history will be the separating/ kidnapping of thousands of immigrant children from their parents and losing track of them.

Fact: Now, a Federal judge has rejected the Trump attempt to put the job of reuniting these families on the ACLU. The judge stated the this fiasco was perpetrated by the Trump government and shall be 100% their responsibility to get it straightened out. These people came to America to escape repression and possibly death and the “shining city on the hill” slammed the door in their faces!! This is totally UN-American behavior!

Fact: Another closer to your pocket book problem is the ill researched and badly planned out trade war tariffs that Trump has inflicted on our economy. The results of this is already starting to have farmers and production companies up in arms about the adverse affect it is having on their lively hoods. The total cost could be thousands of jobs lost, businesses closing their doors forever, and no real gain for any one involved. This should have been a negotiated agreement between the affected counties like China and the USA, instead we have a lets see who will blink first gun fight with no real winners. When you have the likes of the Koch Brothers bad mouthing you economic programs, you know you have made a serious mistake.

BIG Fact: This 2018 election cycle will be the single most important election in our 242 year history. At some point, WE THE PEOPLE, must get it together and stand up as one and reject this presidents path of self destruction! As Americans, not as Democrats, not as Republicans, not as Black, White, or Hispanic, not as rich or poor, but as AMERICANS! The divisive rhetoric coming out of this presidents mouth must stop. The news media IS NOT THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!! Trump and his bosom buddy Putin are the ENEMY! They are the REAL threat to our democracy! If Trump remains in office our Democracy is in jeopardy.

One of the biggest problems that we face is the FOX NEWS put out by Ruppert Murdoch. They deal in alternative facts for their news script. And if you listen to Trump “Don't believe what you see or hear on the FAKE NEWS, it's not really happening!”

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory C. Korner Sr.

Dear Editor,

On Friday, August 3, a Franklin County highway department employee was on Dare Road in Bath Township mowing the roadside. I have lived on Dare Road for over 50 years and that is the first time this has ever happened. Furthermore, it was completely unnecessary! Most, if not all, landowners in our area mow their roadsides regularly; they are as well kept as our lawns. It was clearly obvious the grass didn't need to be mowed but I suppose the employee was following his boss's directive. A complete waste of time, fuel and our tax dollars.

Jeanette Haas