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The sun will come out on FCCT’s “Annie Jr.”

By Elijah Dean, Contributor

Little girls, little girls; there are plenty of them in Franklin County Children's Theater (FCCT).

This is the second year this group has had a summer production. Last year's show, “Singin' in the Rain Jr.,” was a huge success.

With its production of “Annie Jr.” on the way, it may not be the first time this has been performed in Franklin County. The FCCT was formed out of Mt. Carmel School. Its founders, Toni Miles, Savannah Hofer and Missy Pepper, had more than 20 years of experience from their time at MCS.

Over those 20 years, they have had many other people help them. With Dave Wilhelm building the set, Lea-nord Lunsford the pianist, Adam Gabbard, Dylan Rhonemus, and Ron Galyen helped in various ways. The group started from the consolidation of the middle schools. The MCS group could not do any more plays due to the lack of older children.

Even though they have done this play many times before, there were a few reasons why they wanted this play specifically. For one, they have plenty of experience with this play, which helps them tremendously. It also requires plenty of little girls, which they have an abundance of.

You can't have a play without a cast.

Lead actor Macy Ward plays Annie, and commented, “My character is Annie. She was dropped at the orphanage at a young age. She is sassy and stubborn. I like doing the dances and songs. I'm excited to play this part as it is a big opportunity.”

But what is Annie without Warbucks? Actor Terry Schwab was ready for this role because he studied his lines, and the role fit his personality.

But we can't forget secretary Grace Farrell.

“I felt that I was a good fit for my character because it fit my personality, and I prepared by watching other productions of “Annie” to get a feel for my character,” Devyn Kerr stated.

If you want to support these young actors, come to the Lew Wallace Auditorium on Saturday, June 22 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, June 23 at 2 p.m.