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I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives, are still having a hard time understanding the meaning of the 2nd amendment that says the citizens of the USA, are entitled under this amendment to keep and carry firearms. The meaning is plain and simple and anyone with a brain the size of a pea should understand this. The 2nd amendment does not force, mandate, pressure or beg anyone to get a firearm. If it did, then I might have a problem with it but it doesn't. So don't go buy a gun if you don't want to. But as for me, give me my guns or give me a Liberal to kick around who doesn't understand the 2nd amendment's meaning. Why don't Liberals get it? Only their shrinks know for sure.

Jim Reese

To the Editor:

This week I received a letter that had a quote on it from President Ronald Reagan. It was;

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

Sorry to say, we are very close to that happening. But with Donald Trump as our President, we are seeing that God is again being given His rightful place over our beloved Nation once again.

God is revealing those who are wanting to destroy the United States of America, WHY? Because His people are again speaking up and saying "NO" to those who want to shut God out. (When His people cry out to Him and repent for not speaking up when those in high places in Government started taking Him out of our lives, He will hear and answer our prayers.)

Pray the Psalms, cry out to God as King David did, put your name and our Country in where the pronouns are, then the Psalm becomes your prayer.

See Psalm 91 as a start to do this. He will hear and answer your prayers.

"In God we Trust" is still under attack from anti-Christian atheists.

(When we pray and repent, we are God's army, His prayer warriors) and He hears and sends out His warring Angels to do spiritual battle. We will see it, as lies, deception & traitors are revealed and dealt with. Don't forget to Thank Him for every victory won.


Katie Holtel


Are you a Democrat or a Republican?


I was born July 26,1939, and I have never seen a country, or a world, so divided. The Russians have managed to decapitate our government, hence our country, without firing a single shot! The total distrust in our government and grid lock, the irresponsible actions of our narcissistic, egomaniac president have led us further down the road of total collapse of our AMERICA as we used to know it.

I watch the boldface lies being spewed out by the DONALD and wonder how in the hell did we get here??

Are you interested in politics?

The 50/50 divide of our population as far as loyalty goes makes for a volatile situation with really bad consequences possible. The Trumpits will back him no matter he does. With the Republicans in control of both houses and the presidency you’d think they would have it their way on anything they do.


Since the inauguration they have only gotten Gorscich confirmed to the supreme court. The bill to repeal OBAMA CARE has died (so far) in the SENATE. The executive orders are all in the process of being legislated, they are NOT law.

You better start paying attention, because complacency is going to be your doom. The Republican led congress is following the DONALD’S campaign promises, like they are written by the hand of God, more likely, the ANTI CHRIST! How else would you describe a bill now being processed that will throw 23 million AMERICANS off of OBAMA CARE?? These AMERICANS are Democrats and Republicans. The reasoning being “we will give you more choices.” The choice is a premium rate that is so high nobody will be able to afford it, seniors and the poor will bare the brunt of the cost. Why is it that nobody is investigating why the cost of a hospital bed is so high ($2,500 A DAY), an operation is so expensive ($100,000 for heart surgery), or A PILL costs $300 bucks? This is where you have to start to figure out how to pay for it!

Medicare will be cut hundreds of millions of dollars to give the top 2 percent a 800 million dollar tax break. YEAH! THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME! Another bill in the works is to repeal the Dodd Frank banking control to let it go back to what caused the collapse in 2008. Then we have the huge cuts to EPA so clean air and water can go back to slime. Then we have the cuts to OSHA so unsafe working conditions are back to sweatshop standards of the 1920’s. And the list of irrational, heartless cuts goes on and on. These are demoniac proposals!

And the list goes on about insulting every foreign dignitary he meets, backing out of the Paris accords, not reaffirming NATO, and kissing Putin’s “””” every chance he gets because Putin loaned him $300,000,000 because no AMERICAN bank would. I would love to see him gone before he completely destroys this country.

This is not about Democrat or Republican, this is about AMERICA, and whether or not we survive as a country with democratic principles and respect for the rule of law. If the DONALD does not think that he has to follow the constitution and the associated laws then he needs to be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, WE THE PEOPLE, will become anarchy and chaos!

If you go back to the history books and compare what Nixon did and Trump is doing now, it’s almost the same script.

When the total evidence of all the DONALD’s connections to Russia, the money, the sanctions, his tax records, the multimillionaire Russian businessmen, is all brought out in the light by our news media, TRUMP will be gone! And this news presented by the media is not fake news, these are facts!

One of the things Trump hates is the “SO CALLED” judges of the courts!

The other is the media and his claim it is FAKE NEWS!

If you are trying to take over a country, like they do in many banana republics, what is the first thing you do?

You round up all the judges and intellectuals and get rid of them!

Then you shut down the FREE PRESS and YOU TAKE control the news!

I will NOT blindly follow the DONALD because he is president. I voted for other DONALD, DONALD DUCK! Trump is masterful at changing the subject from the Russia investigation to something off the wall crazy to distract you. He is a liar, deceitful, and will do anything necessary to push his agenda, and believe me it is NOT to make America great again, it is to make the Trump brand a monarchy, that looks like the Romanov’s. It makes me sick at my stomach to watch his over the top theatrics any time he gets on TV to spew his CRAP. It’s all a big bull crap show!

If you want to make AMERICA great again you better start thinking about what the DONALD is doing to AMERICA. It’s not about Democrat or Republican. It’s a matter of right and wrong, good and evil! An old Chinese curse is “MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES!” This is a turning point in our 240 year old DEMOCRACY! Contact your congressman, make yourself heard.

Gregory C. Korner, Sr.