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A great appreciation for the Brookville town park and to those workers who keep it looking nice. We really enjoy the walking trail. Also, to get a complete job on the new sidewalks and curbs in town, our daughter-in-law had a good suggestion for preserving the old stones by taking all of them out and making a flower bed in the park.

Zella Grubb


I may be wrong, but it seems to me that OUR President Donald Trump, has encountered nothing but hatred from the Democrats in Congress. They want to destroy OUR president and what he is trying to do. Trump is trying to right the terrible wrongs that Obama and his co-horts have done to this country the past eight years. And one of the democrats that is trying to destroy Trump and this nation is our own Joe Donnelly. Since he became Senator, he has been led around by the ring that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi put in his nose. They jerk it, he follows. He did vote for the confirmation of Neal Gorsuch to the supreme court but that was a ploy to make Hoosiers think he can be his own man. He voted for Gorsuch because he knew he would be confirmed no matter whether he voted for him or not. President Trump is "The Man" and Joe Donnelly is shamefully an accomplice to the tearing down of our country because of the ring in his nose. His term is up next year. Maybe we can send him to California or New York where people with views like his is widely accepted. Let's Do It.

Jim Reese

In Response

In response to the article “Auditor solves another council mistake” August 2 by John Estridge, editor.

Estridge states, “Instead of taking responsibility for the situation and working on a cure, the two members who had the most to do with the discrepancy asked that a committee be formed to find a solution, and they did not want to serve on the committee.”

But this is the rest of the story.

The two in question did take responsibility and the two proposed a solution at the April meeting two months before. The rest of council voted no and decided to wait to see what happens. It was the rest of the council members who should have come up with a plan at the May meeting. If the rest of the council members wanted a different answer to the problem they should submit their ideas on how to solve the problem. It is in fact the other five members who did not do their job. To accuse these two of not doing their job is in my opinion FAKE NEWS!

The article should have said:

“Instead of taking responsibility for the situation and proposing a timely cure, the five members who voted against solving the problem in April were asked to form a committee to find a solution. The two who proposed a solution in April did not want to serve on the committee.”

Daryl Kramer


The goals of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) are well-meaning, and so are the farmers involved in producing corn-based ethanol.

But the damage caused by unsustainable ethanol mandates is so significant and widespread that environmental groups, restaurant and grocer associations, automobile manufacturers, and producers of poultry, pork and beef are just a few of the groups that have joined the oil and natural gas industry in speaking out.

For anti-hunger groups, food producers and restaurants, food prices are a concern. Ethanol production has diverted more than 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop from food to fuel, leading to a 25 percent increase in the consumer price index for food since 2005.

Then there's engine damage. Research has shown that increasing ethanol content from the current 10 percent (E10) to 15 percent (E15) can damage engines and fuel systems. About 85 percent of cars on the road today are not manufacturer-approved to use fuel blends above E10, and numerous auto-makers warn that engine damage caused by E15 will not be covered by warranty.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree the RFS is a failure, and polls show voters are concerned about the impact of the RFS on their engines and budgets. We've had 10 years to evaluate the RFS in action, and the evidence is overwhelming. It's time to repeal or significantly reform this outdated, failed policy.

Maureen Ferguson, Executive Director Indiana Petroleum Council

From the mouths of babes

I was reminded that wisdom flows from the mouths of babes while watching the video gone viral of nine year old Briana pleading with women at an Indianapolis abortion center.

A snippet from that that video follows.

Brianna pleaded, I am a nine year old, and the voice of your baby right now.

“Don't kill me, save me, let me live, let me see the world, let me see what it could bring, let me grow up so I can worship Jesus, and God”.

Let your baby live. Don't live the rest of your life regretting it. Don't live your life asking questions about your baby.

If you let him or her live, you can just look at your baby, and that will be your answer. You can thank God for this beautiful joyous sunshine in your life.

Don't get an abortion. Don't live your life asking “when was her birthday, what would I name her, what would she look like, what would he look like, how old would he or she be, what would he or she be doing, right now.

I wonder if I didn't get and abortion, if I'd be happier than I am right now? Well let me tell you, you will be happier if you save your baby's life.

And if you get an abortion, you will still be a mother, just a mother of a murdered baby. You'll live the rest of your life regretting what you did.

See the full video at https://you


Jim Arnold