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I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the BIG JOKE is on the Dems and Libs. Ever since Mr Trump won the election, they have come up with every nasty and filthy crime they could think of to ruin him. But, as you see, the truth is coming out that the Dems and the Libs are the ones guilty of the atrocities that they accuse our president doing. Keep going President Trump. You have taken on ALL comers and kicked their butts. You are making America great again like you promised and the Dems and Libs can't stand it.

Jim Reese


I want to say how appalled I am with the information or lack there of that the Brookville American seems to print about the sad state of your local county government. How is it possible that a new proposed overtime calculation policy (a very extravagant policy by the way) for Franklin County employees is discussed at a county meeting and yet that information is not even mentioned in any article in the Brookville American? The article appeared in the Connersville News Examiner, not even a Franklin County newspaper. As a former resident of Franklin County I continue to read the local newspapers online. It seems to me that if the Brookville American truly did report the happenings of what goes on in the local Franklin County government, maybe the good people of Franklin County could see their local officials for who they really are and maybe, just maybe Franklin County residents would get county officials that truly govern based on what is best for the residents of Franklin County.

JoAnn Beesley
Former Franklin County Resident

John Estridge, Editor's note:

I have been doing jobs like this for about 30 years or more and maybe I have been doing things incorrectly. Maybe others have better ideas. However, when I am in a meeting, I try to think what happened in the meeting which will have the greatest impact on the majority of people in the county – especially when doing county commissioners and county council meeting articles.

Out of the meeting in question, I thought it was conversation on a federally funded project to fix St. Mary's Road.

St. Mary's Road is one of the most traveled roads in the county. During the 1990s, commissioners seriously considered dedicating 10 straight years of the bulk of their highway money to straightening and widening St. Mary's. It did not happen, but it was very close and very seriously discussed.

This project will fix the river wearing away at the bottom of the hill which carries the road on the top of the hill about a mile to two outside Brookville.

It will fix the road for a long stretch and replace one bridge. The commissioners are also going to try to put some guardrail in. The project will be about $1.2 million with the county putting in 20 percent.

With the overtime pay, it will involve one department with the county and if passed – this was mere discussion on this proposal so it is far from being etched in stone – it will have an impact of much less than 1 percent of the county's budget.

There are 22 highway department employees. Let's say they make $20 an hour. They do not but let's round it off. Let's take worse-case scenario with all 22 employees getting eight hours of overtime on 10 separate occasions. Remember we are talking more than they make. One eight hour day of overtime would mean $30 per hour for that day. For one employee that would be $240 for that day. Multiply that by 22 and we have $5,280 for the one day. Then take that by 10 days and you have $52,800 for a year.

With the entire county's budget being in excess of $10 million, one is talking about 0.5 percent of the budget. Again, remember my example is larger than reality because highway department employees do not make $20 an hour.

But wait. There is already overtime being paid out with the highway department. For 2017 year to date, the county has spent $23,000. So the change, and again mine is overblown because I used $20 an hour as a benchmark, is really less than $20,000. That would mean the impact is around 0.2 percent of the county's budget.

This does not fall into fake news, but it is really close. It is really making a mountain out of a molehill. I cannot help it if some other newspaper editors have incorrect ideas of what is newsworthy or they have a bone to pick with some of the commissioners, but that is their problem and not mine. I also can't help if certain residents in the county have radical agendas whether they are based in reality or not.

To the Editor,

This week, I am asking for Prayers for Protection for President Trump and all those with him on this trip to China, Japan, South Vietnam and other Territories in the Pacific. Prayers for open eyes and ears to bring God's message to these places, His Plan for all of us. Prayer changes things and hearts.

Read God's Word daily, asking His guidance for our President, our men & women in Washington, DC. Our local and State offiicals, and our Police, & all who put their lives daily to protect and help us as they serve in their chosen fields of service, especially those who serve in our Armed Services.

Pray for all who live in the USA, and also for those in countries where they do not have the freedoms we have.


Katie Holtel


Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), released excerpts from her forthcoming book on November 2, entitled "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-Ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House." In this book, she describes how Hillary Clinton basically bought and paid for the entire DNC as early as August 2015 with funds from her presidential campaign. In excerpts published by Politico, Brazile writes that the DNC was rigged in Clinton's favor because her campaign was largely financing the party early on in the presidential election. This led to the fixing of the democratic primary in Clinton's favor over Bernie Sanders long before it was ever held. Sanders' former campaign chair Jeffrey Weaver tells CNN that "The behavior the DNC engaged in was egregious, undemocratic, and it can't be allowed to happen again." He goes on to say, "Let me tell this to the elites who today still control much of the Democratic Party apparatus: If you do not open up the party, if you do not allow people in, if you do not advocate for the types of reforms that we need, you will be destroying the opportunity we have to take on Donald Trump."

This is the main reason the Democratic Party is currently in such disarray. They refuse to change, or let others in who wish to bring the party back to it's Progressive roots by championing the common man, and not the needs and agenda of "The Party". Just recently, the democrats purged Sanders supporters and other progressive members from their national, state, and local levels; I was one of them. This tells me that democrats are unwilling, or unable, to change. If they do not change and alter their thinking by the 2020 election cycle, it will be their downfall. The democrats do have some good candidates, but the party needs to change it's basic way of thinking and focus on the needs of the average citizen.

Both democrats and republicans are currently trying to alter their parties to withstand the future. The democrats are challenged by the Clinton mess described above, and their own stubbornness of holding on to what power they have and limiting their agenda to what will benefit "The Party." The republicans are challenged by Trump's tendency to do whatever he wants and not what the party wants, defections by many senators and others from their ranks by refusing to run for reelection, and the beginning of prosecutions by the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in our elections.

If both parties do not change their ideologies and present courses, and soon, they will both be part of political history before the next presidential election in 2020.

David Kirk
Brookville, Indiana