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I appreciate Larry Wiwi's comments on my Letters to the Editor in the November 29 edition of the "Tea Time" column. When Mr. Wiwi writes the column, I agree with roughly 3/4 of it. I do agree that both Democrats and Republicans need to focus on the needs of the average citizen, and not what is best for "The Party" or any special interest group. There is still much work to be done in both parties.

But, I do not agree that "The mainstream in need of deep reform itself." The media is struggling to report the news objectively and fairly because of constant attacks by our president ("fake news", attacking CNN, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, and various reporters and journalists) and his supporters. The media and ALL citizens must strive to keep the protections found in the First Amendment, "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of the press." Basically, if the president disagrees with some fact that is reported, he automatically condemns it. Mr. Wiwi continues, "I suspect Mr. Kirk would agree on this point as well since it is hard to argue against exposing the truth in a free society." This is exactly what our mainstream media is currently trying to do with their reporting, and I fully support them in their efforts.

David Kirk


Things Brookville needs to “fix”

Well halleluiah! Omara has finally (almost) gotter done!

The newly finished sidewalks, lighting poles, and resurfaced main street looks great.

But at what cost to the local businesses that have gone under because of it??

Wild Bill is gone, for one.

If you ask any merchant on main street (and he is honest with his answer) if he lost money due to the project, you will get the same answer, “I lost a bundle!”

But the reason for this article is not to cry over spilled milk, it is to address several problem that where there before it started and are still there today, that Brookville needs to “fix”.

The first big problem is there has never been a state sanctioned survey done, documented and properly recorded. The only state survey markers in place are the Meridians done who know how long ago. These brass markers are set in concrete and have an X in them marking that point. They are on a grid pattern at I believe 6 mile intervals. There is one south of where I live near South-gate and another north of Brookville towards Connersville. There has never been a proper survey of Brookville Town boundaries done, that I know of. This is why there was the dispute about the State having a right of way of main street. Every property I have ever owned in Ohio or Indiana, the center line of the street was one of my property lines. If you look at the tax assessors plats (there are aerial photos, not surveyed) of the merchants that front main street, the front wall of their building is the property line. The main street right of way thru Brookville does not legally belong to anyone.

This was established at the Commissioners meeting (which I recorded) at which the three State of Indiana lawyers left without proving they had a legal right of way of main street.

A State sanctioned survey has to be done to establish Brookville town boundaries and then proper plats can be recorded. Until this State sanctioned survey is done and recorded we are still in limbo as we were when the dispute with the State started at the beginning of the street project. Another big mistake was not widening the street so you don't get your door turn of if you get out on the traffic side of your car.

Why do you need 12 or 13 foot wide side walks for people and only 38 foot wide streets. That's 9 feet 6 inches per lane. A semi tractor trailer is 8 feet wide.

The second reason for this article is to (once again) raise the question about the legality of the Brookville Town Council. It is my understanding that originally Brookville was a Trusteeship and this has never been dissolved and the proper procedures followed for forming a legitimate Town Council. You have multiple problems here on a procedural level. If the Town Council is not a legal entity, how can they pay a local police force, fund that forces insurance, health care and retirement programs?? The procedure to “fix” this is: Dissolve the Trusteeship. Put a petition on a ballot for a vote by Brookville residents to vote on forming a legitimate Town Council. Then have an election of candidates for the seats on this council. As far as I know we don't have a legitimate Mayor either!!!

I think it is probably spelled out in the Roberts Book of Rules.

I just can not see a Town Council that just assumes the power it is wielding without due authorization.

If you just stick your head in the sand, your going to find that it is just not going to go away!

Gregory C. Korner, Sr.