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May be some action on 252

By John Estridge, Editor

In response to complaints coming into the newspaper office about the condition of Indiana 252, this photo was taken Monday morning, April 9.

A PDF was made of the photo, and it was then emailed to State Senator Jeff Raatz, State Representative Randy Lyness and Harry Maginity, public information officer for the Seymour Division of the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Raatz sent an email in response.

“Thanks John, this will assist in the necessity for INDOT to move up the proposed project,” Raatz said in the email. “INDOT has gotten back with us and said they are moving quickly to address the issue. I will keep you updated.”

Lyness attempted to contact the newspaper, but it was an unfortunate game of tag. When he is contacted, that will be added to additional articles about the situation.

Maginity also responded almost immediately.

“I’m forwarding this to our area engineer and others,” Maginity said.

One of the local people who complained about this situation said she goes into the westbound lane to get around it. Right now that is just dangerous. If and when it is warm enough for leaves to sprout, doing that is like playing Russian roulette. One will not be able to see around the corner for westbound traffic.

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There also needs to be a guardrail at this site. Anyone driving on this road can attest the slope, just inches from the traveled surface, is very steep with only hardwood trees to catch a wayward vehicle.

The way the road’s condition is at this time, it is not a matter of if a person or persons will be killed, but just a question of when.

It is a wonder school buses continue to use that road. I cannot fathom River Road is in worse shape than this and other sections of Ind. 252.

I hope the state legislators who represent this area will put enough pressure on INDOT the road will be truly fixed and no more bandaids put on it.

At the very least until something can be done, signage should be put in place to warn drivers of this danger, especially those drivers from out of this area.

This is not a new problem. When Lee Hamilton was the Congressman representing this area, he had a town hall meeting at Mt. Carmel School.

He tried to joke about how bad Ind. 252’s condition was at that time. No one laughed.

This paper will follow up on this and make sure something positive is done about this situation.

I know there is a similar situation on U.S. 52 between Cedar Grove and New Trenton. However, while the road is very rough, there is not a steep slope inches away from the road surface.

If anyone else has a road situation they want to be publicized, email is

The office phone number is 765-647-4221.

I am also on Facebook so anyone who wants to Message me, I will answer.