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Downtown parking reduced by four spaces

By John Estridge, Editor

On the eve of the implementation of the new parking fines, Brookville Town Council agreed to eliminate four parking spaces at the intersection of Sixth and Main streets at its meeting Tuesday night, May 8.

One parking spot will be eliminated at each corner of the intersection. That means there will be one less parking place in front of Nixie's, the Dollar Store, Brookville Gun Shop and Brad Tebbe's Accounting Firm.

Council said it was doing this because of people having trouble turning around large trucks waiting at stop lights, school bus drivers having trouble turning and people having trouble getting around people who are turning.

Brookville Town Manager Tim Ripperger told council members he had received complaints about the intersection.

“Buses turning and things onto Main Street and off Main Street and passing things,” Ripperger said. “I think we will probably have to eliminate a parking space on each block right at the intersection.”

Another factor is the impending work on the Sixth Street Bridge after school is out. The last day of school is May 30. County officials said, at earlier county meetings, the bridge will remain open but traffic will have only one lane of travel while the construction is ongoing. County officials hope the construction will be done by the time school is back in session in August.

However, commissioners said the contractor has 90 days to finish the job on the bridge.

“That is going to make it more congested,” Ripperger said.

Council president Mike Biltz asked if Ripperger meant taking on space in front of each of the four businesses mentioned earlier in the article, and Ripperger confirmed that is the plan.

Council member Catherine Pelsor said she lives on Sixth Street, and she never uses that intersection.

“I hate that Sixth Street intersection,” she said.

Biltz said the complaints he has received concern Sixth Street on the St. Mary's Road side.

“We have had complaints from people coming from St. Mary's Road and trying to turn north (left) and having a problem negotiating a big truck,” Biltz said.

“School buses also have complained about that,” Ripperger said.

“I've also had complaints from people trying to get around traffic, and there isn't quite enough room to go as smoothly as we hoped it would, either north or south, and especially during the summer,” Biltz said.

“I don't know what is going to happen with this bridge deal,” Ripperger said. “It could be three times worse.”

Ripperger said, in his talks with Indiana Department of Transportation officials, they do not believe it will be finished in the time allotted.

Council member Sam Schuck questioned eliminating the parking space by the gun store. He thought the parking spaces were far enough back it would not cause a problem; however, Biltz said he had received complaints strictly about that area.

“You pull up behind a car at that intersection, and you cannot go around if there's a car parked there,” Ripperger said. “You can't go around if you're headed south.”

“I've had problems myself,” Biltz said.

“Sounds like it's something we need to do,” Schuck said.

Darrell Flaspohler made the motion to eliminate the parking spaces. Curtis Ward seconded it, and it was passed through a unanimous vote.

Ripperger said Brent Riehle, superintendent of streets and parks, will be able to make the adjustment in one morning.

In other business, council:

• Heard from Ripperger concerning Rumpke's new schedule for trash and recycling pickups. It was supposed to change to doing the town over a two-day period. Rumpke was supposed to begin the new schedule in May. That has been changed to June. Rumpke is supposed to send mailers to the town residents explaining the change and also send a calendar with the mailer.

• Heard from Ripperger concerning the lights at the softball field were repaired. Ludwigs is checking on the price of covers and will get back with Ripperger.

• Heard from Ripperger the bids for steps at the police station will have to be rebid.

• Heard from Ripperger about John Newman's historical piece concerning Brookville. He said it was very researched and is quite good. It will be placed on the town's website.

• Heard from clerk/treasurer Gina Gillman about a person cleaning up the police station. The person in question bid $30 per cleaning.

• Heard from Gillman concerning the town going to direct deposit with employees' checks. She said a few people do not want to do it, but is considering making it a blanket proposition. Biltz asked if employees get a paper saying how much was on the check, and Gillman said that would occur.

• Approved the high school football team using the upper town park on Sunday, July 29. Wes Gillman, FCHS football coach, plans to have a picnic for prospective players and their parents with hotdogs and hamburgers.

• Approved a building permit for Cindy Orschell. She plans on constructing a 24 x 24 garage.

• Approved a letter to be sent to the Indiana Gaming Commission allowing youth football to have a weekly raffle. The first drawing will be the first Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019 and will continue throughout the year with the final drawing being on Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019.

Council's next meeting will be 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 22.