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Notice to all laundry mat users.

Brookville no longer has a laundry mat since the closing of our last one for the expansion of the library. Two men from Batesville wanted to build a new laundry mat with their own parking lot on a vacant lot near 8th and Main Street. After meeting with town council, with their plans to build, they were advised by council President Mike Biltz to go and look elsewhere for their new business because there was too much traffic in that area. I thought council was to invite new businesses to our town and not to chase them away. There are other businesses in that area that have survived with the traffic. Perhaps it is time to vote for council members who have the best interests of the citizens of Brookville in mind.

Sorry for the towns loss, you can thank Mike Biltz.

Ed Knecht


I may be wrong, but it seems to me that many people miss the so-called point. My wife asked me the other day if we could have a yard sale. I thought long and hard for 2 seconds and said "Hell No." Isn't a yard sale sign and a garage sale sign an invitation to let complete strangers on your property? You may have a skillet for sale for a dollar, but if your customer trips and falls on your property, YOU are fully responsible. That one dollar skillet may cost you onehundred thousand dollars in a law suit because someone tripped and fell on a Match Box car. Nope, no yard sales for me. That's the way I look at it. One more thing....the road is still falling in the river and the pool is still just a hole in the ground. But the two headed bandits that line the business district seems to be the pride and joy of the Town Council. You voters put them in.

Jim Reese

To all Franklin Co Water Association Members,

It seems the Board of Directors is moving in the wrong direction in running the Water Company. They have eliminated their Office Manager of 38 years and asked their Assistant Office Manager to sign a new job description. The job description added more responsibilities and also demoted her to office clerk. This resulted in her leaving the Company. They said they were reducing the work force, however two people were hired. It seems they do not have the best interest of the Water Company at heart to make sure it is running in a smooth and prosperous way. I hope all members take a good look at all of the board members and question their intentions for the future of the Water Company. If you have any questions, you can call the Board President Jerry Hesselbrock at 647-6296. You can also contact the other Board Members: Neil Lambert, Tim Rosen-berger, Dan Chesnut, Jennifer Kolb, and John McGuire.

Carroll Lanning, Member of the Association