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Dear Editor,

Residents of Southeastern Indiana will have an opportunity to participate in a Peoples Climate March on September 8, 2018 in Lawrenceburg, IN. They will join thousands of grassroots advocates of clean energy for our future. They are rising to demand urgent action from elected officials to protect our environment and our health by moving to 100% renewable energy and creating local, equitable jobs for our cities and states.

Do you want to have a healthy, active and productive life for yourself and for your children and grandchildren? Do you want to show your care for Earth, our common home? Do you want YOUR voice to be heard by decision–makers who have the power to bring clean renewable energy resources to our cities and towns ASAP?

If your response is “YES” join your neighbors at the Lawrenceburg Community Center on 423 Walnut Street at 10 a.m. and march for climate justice! We will walk about ½ mile to Newtown Park to interact with farmers market-goers and return to the mayor's office to drop off a formal petition signed by participants and others to ask city officials to support this cause by going solar for all government buildings. Marchers not from the cities along the Ohio River will be encouraged to deliver such a petition to their own elected leaders.

Sign up online at to see a world map of all the sites hosting a march. Enter your zip code to find this event or another near you. You may also email one of the organizers directly at or call 513-773-4012.

Claire Whalen, OSF, Team Leader for Solarizing Indiana/Southeast

Dear Editor,

Democratic views missing

Daryl Kramer, as organizer of the Meet the Candidates Night sponsored by the Indiana Farm Bureau on August 27, I wish you would have reached out to invite me and other Democratic Candidates to participate. Phone numbers are a matter of public record at the County Clerk's office. I realize this would have taken some time...but you would have had a much more informative program for your annual meeting had there been more diversity in candidates.

As one of the most powerful voices at the Indiana Statehouse, Indiana Farm Bureau has the obligation to present its members with input from all voices in rural communities--not just those of one political party.

I suspect you had a lot to do in organizing this event but I do hope you will make every attempt in any future event of this nature to be all inclusive. The very essence of our democracy depends upon advocacy organizations, such as yours, in legislative and policy proposals, to consider the voices of all its citizens. It would have been especially important this time with the mid-term elections merely 2 months away.

Richard Cartwright, Democratic candidate for Franklin County Council (3rd District)

Dear Editor,

Election of County Officials is coming up in November. Now is the time to check out what the candidates stand for. Some have their resumes online for the tech public. Check them out to see if you approve of their ideas of what they plan to do for our county.

Many candidates no longer go door to door to answer your questions. Some just put up signs, many signs, so you will recognize the name when you receive your ballot, and may vote for them. Many have been serving in some capacity or other for years, so their name is familiar. That is no proof that they will do the best for our county, just that their name is familiar when you may not recognize the other candidate's name. Do Your Homework!

Betty C. Lecher

Dear Editor,

Jesus Christ died for my sins and yours! Have you read when he walked among US? He was harassed, and slandered. He was shouted down, cursed, and spat upon. He was accused of many foul untruths! Then he was killed! All the while “GOD” was in control!! For the world to be saved….Jesus Christ died for our sins. Today I look, hear and watch what is happening in the world. I see many of the same kind of hate. People are being shouted down when they try to stand up for Jesus, harassed, and curse at. We've been called every foul thing. We steal from and cast our pearls before swine. Our GOD has been removed from schools, public buildings, where we shop where we eat, every where. Some even feel that at 36 weeks it is ok to abort the UNBORN. We are living a life style of abomination. I could go on an on. The message I wish to give you is this “GOD IS IN CONTROL” The son of GOD….Jesus Christ has risen. People we are liken unto Sodom& Gomorrah. Who will stand up and be firm in and for GOD? We have to make sure God's words are heeded for every lasting life.

Clarence Neeley