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Dear Editor,

Your readers may want information to help them cast the most informed vote possible in our upcoming election this November. To that end I recommend the website,, as a source to supplement their knowledge of the U.S. Senatorial candidates. There is a Ballotpedia profile for each candidate and some information on organization/PAC endorsements.


Sam Samford

Dear Editor,

I have recently learned that no student from Batesville High School who lives in Franklin County has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Lilly Endowment Scholarship. For those who are not familiar with this scholarship, the Lilly Endowment provides a full-tuition scholarship, plus an additional stipend, to one graduating senior living in Franklin County who plans to attend an Indiana college or university. The recipient of this highly coveted award is chosen by the Franklin County Community Foundation. The foundation also typically awards two $500 scholarships to the first and second place semi-finalists.

As someone who lives in Oldenburg (which is in Franklin County, but part of the Batesville Community School Corporation,) I was disappointed in this news. It seems to me that it has been a while since a BHS student who lives in Franklin County has won one of these awards. Let's set my emotion aside and review the numbers. I've attached the full details of my assessment for your review. Here's the summary: on average, Franklin County High School has 204 seniors; Batesville High School has 67 seniors who live in Franklin County; and Oldenburg Academy has approximately 11 who live in the county. That means BHS has 24% of the senior class in the county.

Assuming the “well-roundedness” of our students, and therefore their eligibility for this award is equally distributed across the county, one would expect BHS to receive about 1 of every 4 scholarships. The odds that no senior from BHS receives a scholarship in any given year is 44%. That's a reasonable possibility, almost 50:50 - like flipping a coin. Maybe 2018-19 is just not going to be the year for BHS.

Researching past newspaper articles shows that a BHS student has not won one of these scholarships from Franklin County since the 2014-15 school year. The odds that it will now be 4 years in a row since a BHS student received this award drops to 4%. To me, that's highly unlikely – no longer just a random occurrence. This suggests a strong bias within the Franklin County Community Foundation's scholarship selection committee.

As someone who lives in the Southwest corner of Franklin County, it's easy to complain about the political and tax revenue allocation bias towards the population center of Brookville. However, it appears this bias has spilled over to other areas and is now directly impacting our children. I understand the Franklin County Community Foundation claims to conceal the identity of applicants during the selection process. Unfortunately, a student's local community and a significant part of their identity is revealed as they write an essay and describe their various volunteer activities. The numbers don't lie –it's time to check your bias!


David L. Bedel

Dear Editor,

Sean Vicente, a candidate for Franklin County's Prosecutor, was recently asked via Facebook whether the rumor that his law license is only temporary was true.

For those other voters who may be under the mistaken impression that Mr. Vicente is unable to practice law in Indiana, you can check that his law license is both active and in good standing by simply going to Indiana's Roll of Attorneys webpage, gov/rollofattorneys and putting in his last name. You will see his date of admission and Indiana bar number. Mr. Vicente also holds law licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania and has been practicing criminal law for the past 17 years, first in Philadelphia, then in federal court in St. Louis, and now in Cincinnati.

I urge voters to do their due diligence when hearing unsubstantiated rumors from dubious sources. The race for prosecutor is a fair contest between two qualified attorneys and anyone trying to characterize it as otherwise is trafficking in deception and denying Franklin County voters the choice they deserve.


Helen Yane, Treasurer of the Committee to Elect Sean Vicente and wife of the candidate.

Dear Editor,


Are you paying attention? Are you going to vote? Don't make the mistake of staying home on election day, it's the one tool you have to affect a change in the political system.

Along with a president that was helped by the Russians to win the presidential election, now we have a supreme court justice that has beaten the system by lying at the hearings and NOT having a full FBI investigation of the charges brought against him by Mrs. Ford. If the White House had not been the “CLIENT” and NOT controlled the FBI investigation, ALL the witnesses would have been heard and Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed.

The third person in that bedroom with Kavanaugh and Ford was Judge.

His interview with the FBI has not been released, because, there is no penalty for saying he did not know anything, which is a BIG LIE! His testimony alone would have brought down Kavanaugh.

The damage to the credibility of the supreme court justice system is enormous and will never be recovered. If you think this does not matter to you and your life, guess again! Besides his stated remarks about whether or not Roe vs Wade is GOOD law or not sends the message that he will try to overturn it. Also and most importantly, he believes that a sitting president should be ABOVE the law, not susceptible to subpoena or indictment! REALLY?? This is why Trump wanted him put on the bench to start with, to protect the Donald from Mullier. So, mark my words, in the next few months you will see Kavanaugh start to push the Trump doctrines, one right after the other, because he is completely in bed with Trump!

The only way to get rid of him now is impeachment, which is a long, hard road to hoe!

Having watched ALL the hearings and Mrs. Ford and Kavanaugh sit before the committee and answer the questions thrown at them, I was amazed at how calm, deliberate, and believable and matter of fact Mrs. Ford was, AND conversely how UNHINGED Kavanaugh became, which is a definite disqualification for a supreme court judge! When the NBA comes out with a NO CONFIDENCE vote against you, you know you are in trouble!

The way that Grassley, Hatch, Trump, and almost all spineless republicans trashed Mrs. Ford is without a doubt a low place in our history! IF the FBI had been ALLOWED to perform a legitimate interview of ALL witnesses the conformation would have been revoked! And since it was not only limited, it will be kept secret WE may never know what was actually discovered by the SHAM inquiry! There will forever be a cloud over the supreme court with now TWO suspected sexual predators on it's bench, Thomas and Kavanaugh. But with a White House with an illegitimate president and almost ALL of his family and cabinet involved in some sort of inappropriate or illegal activity, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??

Thanks to the Donald, the USA is no longer seen as the shining city on the hill! He has insulted, disparaged, or in some way pissed off every one of our allies!

Time to clean house!!

Once again, I urge you to vote!! It's your AMERICA!

Gregory C. Korner Sr.