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Two new members and one incumbent elected to school board

By Makenna Mays, Staff Writer

The 2018 General Election saw a massive voter turnout and garnered a lot of media attention. Even with a large voter turnout, the results came in very quickly.

The race for School Board may have been one of the most watched and discussed races of the 2018 General Election season for Franklin County.

Running for School Board were incumbent member Kim Simonson, incumbent member Beth Foster, Kevin Bauman, Terry Bryant, Randall Creek and Sharon Wesolowski.

The race was close for the majority of the night, but Bryant won with 2,424 votes, Foster with 2,062 votes and Wesolowski with 1,981. These three candidates will be the at-large board members starting in 2019.

Bryant, Wesolowski and Creek ran supporting each other as Vote 3 under the belief that there needed to be a big change in the school, and to do so three new members needed to be elected.

Bryant had taught at Franklin County Community Schools for 43 years. He was running to make FCCSC schools family-friendly again, and had an interest in expanding vocational programs.

Wesolowski worked in the accounting and finance field for 17 years and therefore has a good understanding of budgeting and managing expenses. Transparency and communication are important to her.

Foster has held teaching positions in health and physical education and served as FCHS athletic director for 33 years before her retirement in 2013. As a re-elected member of the board, she plans to continue to be a committed member. Foster believes that it is urgent the students of Franklin County improve mandated test scores and improve their skills to become successful in life.

This election also saw an impressive amount of straight party voters with 2,566 Republican tickets, 477 Democrat tickets and 35 Libertarian tickets.

Newly elected Prosecuting Attorney Chris Huerkamp, was just one of several successful Republican candidates of the evening. Huerkamp will be taking over for his father-in-law Mel Wilhelm. Huerkamp had high praise for Wilhelm.

“Mel is probably the greatest prosecutor in the history of the state of Indiana,” said Huerkamp. “He can’t be replaced and those shoes will never be filled.”

Huerkamp said he will do his best to apply what he has learned from Wilhelm and Joe Deters. Deters is the prosecuting attorney in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Huerkamp plans to do his best to serve the people an d make both Wilhelm and Deters proud.

“They’re the reason I’m here without a doubt,” said Huerkamp.

This is the first time Huerkamp has run for anything, so he said that he worked hard and took nothing for granted. He had a few bumpy starts, but said it has all been a really great experience.

Huerkamp has been a prosecutor for a while and said he just tries to treat people fairly, work hard and do the right thing. He said he is super passionate about doing things the right way for the right reasons at the right time.

Huerkamp said there are great people all across the county who have invested a lot of trust in him, and he hopes to make them proud.

“You’ve had a good system for 40 years, and I want to continue that tradition the best I can,” said Huerkamp.