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EDC appointments discussed at county council

By Elisabeth Dodd, Staff Writer

Franklin County Council was moving money on Tuesday, Nov. 27 in a straight forward meeting.

The council passed the additional appropriation 2018-30 adding $2,400 for general personal services, and the other services fund staying at $30,000. The resolution passed, minus $24,000 for salting the roads for the upcoming winter weather. That money will come from construction instead.

Next, the council passed the reduction ordinance 2018-32. Because existing appropriations have unobligated balances which won't be needed, the council reduced the county general fund $81,018 before the end of the year. The final ordinance on the docket was an amendment to sign the salary ordinance passed on Oct. 23 to transfer civil holiday pay totaling $520 to the Sheriff, giving the deputy $3,647, second transport $5,300, and the prosecutor $2,915.24. The clerk is being transferred $467.65, and the second deputy in the clerk's office is being given $495.27. Jail custodial maintenance is being transferred $3,960. Finally, the coroner’s special deputy will receive $2,400 and small animal patrol will receive $406.

Once the ordinances had passed, Bill Schirmer, from the Economic Development Commission, addressed the council to update them on the need to make appointments soon.

“These appointments we make for economic development sometimes don't fall until next year, and from a bonding standpoint, getting the bonds in it is beneficial to get them in by January 1,” said Schirmer.

Schirmer wanted to reappoint Jana Selke of the Redevelopment Board, and John Palmer from the Economic Development Commission. Selke and Palmer were quickly confirmed for another year leaving Schirmer to ask for a second position to be created, and for someone to fill it to be decided in December so that the bonds process is not interrupted and timely.

The council appointment for Southeast Regional Planning Commission Becky Oglesby was approved for another term. The APC Board saw contested interest as Jeff Bactchler, who is currently serving, was not at the meeting, and his opponent Edward Derickson was there in-person vying for the spot. After concerns that Batchler was not aware that they appointment was being conducted on that Tuesday, the council elected to postpone the decision.

“I would recommend that you advertise it and come back next month for a decision. Ask if he'd care to be reappointed and open it up to the public and anyone else who may be interested,” said Batchler's opponent Derrickson. Who took the opportunity to let the council know who he is. “My interest for the citizens of Franklin County is zoning and providing health and safety, and welfare… I know some of the health and safety concerns brought to the zoning board over the years, and I have tons of eccentric experience to bring to the board, but I think you need to take a look at everyone who is interested.”

The council will make its decision at the January 8 meeting.