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There are a lot of cliquish s that would apply to what has just happened to our country.

First of all, we better all pray for AMERICA this Sunday in Church.

One of the first rules of a GOOD prosecutor is “ Follow the money”!

And special council Robert Mueller is staring the Donald right in the eye saying “GOTCHA!!!”

Mueller has made the Russian connection between The Donald and Putin by way of Cohen's guilty plea. And it's ALL documented, NOT FAKE NEWS!

First thing we all should get a grip on here is Vladimir Putin HATES AMERICA , and has in effect decapitated the American Government! This has been his goal ever since he got ahold of The Donalds soul! That's why we need to get Divine intervention here!

Another old saying is “If you give a crook enough rope, he will hang himself!” Well nice going Trump, you did it! You got in bed with Putin, now you have to pay for your stupidity. ! Putin has been GROOMING the Donald for years!

Doctors still haven't figured out how to fix STUPID!

Basically ALL of Trumps people have two things in common, they are ALL liars and they all think they are above the law!! With the Donald being the worst of them all, over 6000 fact checked lies and counting! Very similar to the MAFIA FAMILIES!

Now here is why I say we need to pray………... who is going to lead this country out of the woods?? We are in deep **** right now!

With the latest news cycle and a lot more coming soon, The Donald is no longer going to be able to be effective as president, not that he ever was. He has lost all credibility with over 60% of the American people, very soon the congress, and the rest of the world leaders. He is probably going to be forced to resign in disgrace, just like Nixon did. Pence is as big a threat to our democracy and the rule of law as Trump. Mitch McConnell is not going to protect Mueller, he is an idiot and in control of the Senate! Paul Ryan is retiring and I'm not sure by order of succession who would be next in line to take over. We don't even have have a legitimate AG at this moment.

“Houston, we have a problem!”

I've been around going on eighty years and I've NEVER seen a bigger mess created by one man in all those years. Trump has managed to incite and divide the American people into two tribes, each with self destruction as their goal, it would seem! Even now with all the latest disclosures of all of Trumps blatant lying and misleading statements there are people that still won't accept the TRUTH that he is a BAD person that CAN'T tell the truth or do the “RIGHT” thing!

Divide and conquer was how the great powers of our world would gain control over the masses.

It is going to be an up hill battle now to save our democracy from extinction IF WE DON’T WAKE UP and join ranks to take control of our government. A movement was started by the BLUE WAVE of the mid term elections but this is only a start of cleaning up the mess that The Donald has made. It may never be the same again if we don't take the bull by the horns NOW!

I believe there are systemic problems with our government and elections. I would like to see the electoral college and gerrymandering outlawed. Forget dividing up districts. One person, one vote………….PERIOD!! Clinton beat Trump by 3 million votes but lost because of the electoral college.

I would like to see a nation wide voting machine system that ALL states use to set up their voting system.

People like the now governor of Georgia should be jailed for what he did by locking up 53,000 votes on a signature match technicality. This is not how democracy is supposed to operate. Trump claimed that people would vote, go out to their car, change their shirt come back in and vote again. That's impossible. My name is on the voter list ONE TIME. How could I vote twice?

I would like to see the money for campaigns restricted to reasonable numbers, NO SUPER PACKS!

I would like to see the justice system of incarceration overhauled to meet reasonable/logical standards. Make the time fit/equal the crime.

If somebody gets busted for drugs, they need help, not jail. Addiction is a disease, not a crime.

My mother used to say “Son cheer up, things could be worse”

I'd cheer up, and sure enough, they'd get worse!

Gregory C. Korner Sr.

To the Editor,

Watching the Ceremony O President George H.W. Bush, I was moved to tears. Why??

Because it brought back our Country as I remembered it; Respect for President, and the Office of the President, Unity of Democrats & Republicans working for the common good of America and the American people. Now all we see is Hate for our duly elected President, no respect for the Officeof the President. Sorry to say, it is not just the rioting and hate in the street, but we see it even in the Congress and Senate. Question??? Aren't they elected into the Offices of the Congress and Senate to work together with the duly elected President to keep our Country an d its people safe and becoming a bigger and better Nation? I don't see that in the people in Government today, instead they are out for themselves and what they can get out of Government, e.g.: Special Health Care, not like they come up with for we the people, Giving them selves huge wages, for what?? They are not doing anything for the people or the Country.

Yet when we look at our duly elected President, we see a man who loves the USA and the people of this Country who is not in it for what he can get out of it. He even does not accept a salary, but gives it to places that need help. e.g. veterans for one thing, and other Institutions that needed help, putting his own business on hold to work to bring back American to the Great Nation it is meant to be.

I see the ill treatment President Trump receives from the news people, and yes from the Democrats & Rino's in the Congress and Senate & yes the Agencies, instead they should be working with him to do the things that need to be done.

We see how President Trump is treated, and I have to admire him that he continues to move ahead even with all the hate that is spewed at him. God is giving him amazing strength to with stand all the hate. He is ridiculed because he fights back. Why??? How many of (you, us) would be Standing up and not already folded crying," Boo-Hoo, poor me!" We see enough of that daily on streets, and news people who don't know how to respect the President and/or the Office of the President.

Wake up! We are seeing how our Country should be working together at the Memorial Services Of President George H. W. Bush. If they can come together for this, then there is no reason why they can't do it daily in the Congress and Senate working with the President. If it did, the rioting and hate in the street would stop. Lying and fake & false news is feeding the hate & riots. It is time it stops, and Law and Order returns. We are also seeing that God. Jesus and Prayer are still acceptable. Amen to that!


Katie Holtel