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Woman pleads guilty to felonies including Escape

By John Estridge, Editor

A Franklin County woman pleaded guilty to numerous felonies including Escape recently.

Jennifer L. Broering, 42, pleaded guilty to Dealing in methamphetamine, several possession charges, Escape and Battery. She was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison with six years suspended to probation.


It was a quick turnaround on the Escape charge. Most of the time, felonies take about one year to get through the system. However, on the Escape charge, which included a Battery on a police officer, the turnaround was less than two months.

Broering was sentenced to six years in prison with three years suspended to probation. She also was sentenced to three years in prison on the Battery charge to be served concurrent to the sentence on the Escape charge.

On Tuesday morning, Oct. 30, 2018, Broering was at Franklin County Circuit Court 2 regarding an initial hearing concerning the charges of Maintaining a common nuisance, as a Level 6 Felony; Possession of controlled substance, as a Level 6 Felony; Possession of marijuana, as a class B misdemeanor; and Collecting ginseng in a closed season, as a class B misdemeanor.

On the short walk back from the courthouse to the Franklin County Security Center, Broering knocked down and injured a matron with the FCSC, and Broering made a brief escape down the hill behind the Pioneer Restaurant to a shed on Franklin Avenue.

According to an Investigative Narrative filed by Franklin County Sheriff's Department Deputy Ryan Geiser, the Franklin County Communications Center received a call concerning the escape at 9:04 a.m.

When Geiser and FCSD Major Greg Mehlbauer arrived on the scene, they found the matron grasping her shoulder and in an extreme amount of pain. The matron told Geiser Broering tried to pull away during the short walk along Court Street from the courthouse to the jail. The courthouse is midway between Fourth and Fifth streets with the jail at the intersection of Fourth and Main streets. Court Street runs parallel to Main Street and is a short distance east of Main Street.

The matron ordered Broering to stop and not to run. Broering pulled away in an aggressive manner causing the matron to fall to the ground.

Broering then ran down the alley between the Pioneer and the surveyor's office. At the time of the escape, Broering was in handcuffs, leg shackles and a belly chain.

Geiser called EMS to tend to the matron.

Officers from several departments began to set up a perimeter around the area. Geiser went to Franklin Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets while Mehlbauer followed the path of Broering's flight. Mehlbauer found court documents belonging to Broering at the top of the hill and jail-issued shoes apparently belonging to Broering farther down the hill.

Indiana State Police Trooper Chris Richie responded with K9 Rayner. Ritchie and Rayner tracked Broering along the same path Mehlbauer took. Rayner quickly went to a small shed off Franklin Avenue.

Richie announced four to seven times for Broering to come out of the shed or Rayner would be sent into the shed.

Broering did not heed the warnings, and Rayner was sent into the shed, leading to the K9 biting Broering on the left shoulder and hanging onto Broering. Broering was ordered to the ground where she was handcuffed in front of her body. EMS personnel as well as Responder-24 personnel treated Broering's bite wound.

“Tell (matron's name) I hope she is OK,” Broering said during her evaluation. “I was just trying to run because I was scared.”

She said less nice things about and to Geiser including “I didn't do anything.”

Broering was transported to Margaret Mary Community Hospital in Batesville for treatment.

Dealing in methamphetamine

Broering also pleaded guilty to Dealing in methamphetamine, as a Level 3 Felony and Possession of methamphetamine, as a Level 4 Felony.

She received nine years in prison with three years suspended to probation on the dealing charge. She then received six years with three suspended to probation on the possession charge. These sentences are to run concurrent to each other and consecutive to the other sentences.

Broering was placed in the Purposeful Incarceration Program on the Escape and Battery sentences as well as the Dealing and Possession sentences.

Purposeful Incarceration is a program initiated by the Indiana Department of Corrections which includes intensive substance abuse treatment that can last up to one year. Successful completion can mean six months off an inmate's total sentence.

According to a FCSD Investigative Narrative filed by Geiser, Geiser, through his affiliation with the Franklin County Drug Task Force, received information on Oct. 28, 2017, concerning Broering and another female dealing methamphetamine from a residence on Stipps Hill Road.

By Nov. 10, 2017 Geiser had received enough information and evidence to get a search warrant signed by Franklin Circuit Court 2 Judge Clay Kellerman for the Stipps Hill Road residence. Two days later and in the morning, the search warrant was served. Along with Geiser, Mehlbauer, FCSD Deputy Jason Robinson and FCSD Deputy Donald Forsee were also in attendance at the residence.

After the officers entered the house, they found Broering in a bedroom and handcuffed her. She was also read her Miranda rights.

Broering told the officers: “There's no drugs here; maybe a little marijuana.”

Four baggies were found with each containing a white crystalline substance. Together, they weighed 11.65 grams. Also found was a baggie with marijuana. Drug paraphernalia was also discovered.