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Brook Hill golf club update

We are in the process of forming a group of local people for the preservation and maintenance of Brook Hill Golf Club for our community. An LLC is in the process of being formed soley for this purpose. It is not in full development as of January 1, 2019, but is moving forward at a rapid pace. The intent is to have the course be operational this spring (2019) as normal. There is more work to be done additional updates will be soon to follow

Dave Chaddon


In the January 2 edition of the "Tea Time" column, the author blames the recent problems at General Motors on the government bailout of the auto industry during the Obama administration. The real culprits are President Trump's recent tariffs on imported steel and massive corporate tax cuts.

Instead of reinvesting in American jobs with the tax cuts, GM and other corporations have chosen to build new plants in Mexico and in other countries unaffected by the steel tariffs. Senator Sherrod Brown pointed out that, "...the company reaped a massive tax break from last year's GOP bill and failed to invest that money in American jobs, choosing to build it's (Chevy) Blazer in Mexico." (Source, "The Nation")

Earlier last year GM lowered it's profit forecast for 2018, citing higher steel and aluminum prices caused by new US tariffs. In June 2018, GM told the Commerce Department that higher steel tariffs would affect competitiveness. Edward Alden, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that "GM is eliminating it's lower margin passenger vehicles to concentrate on higher margin products, and the rising cost of steel probably made those lower margin vehicles even less attractive than they already were." (Source,

Trump apparently supports the Obama-era bailout. He was quoted by as saying, "I spoke with her (GM CEO Mary Barra) when I heard they were closing, and I said, you know, this country has done a lot for General Motors. The United States saved General Motors, and for her to take that company out of Ohio is not good."

David Kirk
Brookville, Indiana