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Well folks, you got to witness history this week. You got to see MR. school yard bully put in his place, BY A GIRL! I do believe the big blow hard had all the air knocked out of him and was made to realize that “NO” means “NO” when Nancy Pelosi says it! There will be “NO” money for a border wall. A campaign promise is not a legitimate reason to spend 5.7 billion dollars on a wall that does not stop drugs and illegitimate entry to the United States. A virtual wall consisting of electronic surveillance equipment, many more guards deployed at the cross over stations to search for drugs and stowaways, and drones will be a much cheaper, more effective solution. Now of course in typical fashion the DONALD snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by proclaiming he will use HIS powers to call for EMERGENCY funding for HIS WALL in a few weeks. I don't think that's going to fly either, there is no emergency and the courts will shoot him down, AGAIN! I do not believe he will be able to shut down the government again like last time either, and put 800,000 people thru HELL for 4 weeks over his temper tantrums. Cutting off their livelihood was the most terrifying thing you could do to these AMERICAN people. What really brought the shutdown to an end was the FAA pilots DEAD STOPPING on the tarmacs/runways and refusing to take off. Someone finally got him to look at a map and he saw what 5000 aircraft covering the entire United States looked like, NOT MOVING! We are lucky there were no crashes or people killed in a major air tragedy as a result of his STUPID decision to shut the government down.

It isn't quite over yet. With today's arrest of the ROGER STONE, Mr. Mueller is only a few indictments away from having all the culprits in his grasp. I do believe Jared Kirchner, Donald Trump Jr. and Evanka and even the DONALD himself will be next to fall. It's amazing how much this resembles an episode of the GOD FATHER! The great TRUMP CRIME FAMILY is about to be taken down. I keep wondering why Mr. Mueller has not put out his report and I'm guessing but, I think he wants all the little fish in the net before he nails THE DONALD and it will be swift, so THE DONALD can't pardon everybody before he is stripped of his presidency.

I'm sure this is THE DONALD'S plan. Things are about to get really crazy. There may even be some surprise indictments from the SPECIAL COUNCIL! Mr. Kline, a Trump appointee, is in trouble for over riding other officials and getting security clearances for 30 people in the White House, that should not have them, including Jarad Kirchner! This is a disaster waiting to happen. There are people with bad credentials with access to secret sensitive material running around the White House, unchecked! With all the Russians involved with the TRUMP FAMILY this is anything but good for AMERICA! Hopefully, the better angels are being allowed to take back our government from the CROOKS! Right now, I'm still not confident things are ship shape. These 30 people that have access to all this sensitive material can really do some serious damage to our national security if they are not checked/removed. We are not out of the woods yet by any stretch of the imagination.

Keep praying for AMERICA my friends!

Gregory C. Korner Sr.