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Derek Stang takes over baseball helm

By John Estridge, Sports Editor

Apparently, the last two Franklin County High School baseball managers knew it was just a matter of time before Derek Stang took over as the manager of the baseball Wildcats.

Tony Windle and then Dave Miley gave Stang more responsibilities than any of the other assistant coaches that served on their respective staffs.

So when the call came in September 2018 for Stang to take over the duties as manager, he was more than ready.

Miley, the former Cincinnati Reds manager, retired as the Wildcat manager.

Miley still stays in touch with the program and continues his wildly successful and popular fundraising activities.

A 2007 Franklin County High School graduate, who played shortstop for the Wildcats, Stang said he has a very good base on which to build.

“It was something I felt was coming for the last couple of years,” Stang said. “For it to finally go through felt like it was giving it reassurance that I could do it.

“Dave and Tony gave me a lot of responsibility leading up to this point when I would take over,” he continued. “I’m doing a lot of the same work because they let me do a lot.

“It feels good to come back to where I played and went to school,” Stang said. “It’s a nice way to come back and have a direct impact.”

After graduating college, Stang worked for a year at Daleville where he also served as the JV coach and varsity assistant baseball coach.

He then moved to FCHS where he teaches algebra and history.

Stang said he has been trying to have more contact with the youth leagues and that will continue. Last year, the FCHS coaches held a coaching clinic for the youth league coaches and that should continue.

“What I’d like to do is get a system with every league and have three fundamentals they are expected to know,” Stang said. “So by the time you get up to high school, you’ve been through three or four leagues and you get that list of about 12-15 items. So we don’t have to spend time doing that. We can push them a little more.”

He also brought more structure to the off-season practices.

Among those on his coaching staff are: Brett Rauch, Roger Miller, Scott Carie (JV) and Randy Bolos (freshmen).