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I may be wrong, but it seems to me that stupidity reigns supreme with the Marxist-Dems in the US congress. Nancy Pelose and old Bernie Sanders along with Chuck Schumer say they are more concerned with cow farts than anything else facing our country. Gaseous cows to them are more of a concern than the life of babies. Oh yeah, I believe in climate is going to change in a couple weeks as it is going to get warmer because spring is around the corner. It also will change in June because of summer and in September because fall comes and it will change in December because of winter. So, climate change IS going to happen. It has been changing for thousands of years.

Jim Reese


I attended the February 26 Brookville Town Council meeting to make my views on the proposed purchase of the Brook Hill Golf Course by the town and an LLC (and proposed annexation) known to the council. In my statement, I referred to the LLC as a "special interest group". I believe referring to the group with this term upset some on the council and some of the public in attendance. So, I am writing this to clarify why and to share my views.

"Special Interest" is defined by Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary as "n (1910): a person or group seeking to influence legislative or government policy to further often narrowly defined interests". To me, this describes the LLC to a tee (pun intended). They are seeking to get Brookville to fund with public taxpayer money the purchase of a private business, the golf course. I would call this a "narrowly defined interest". Brook Hill currently has 30 members. Let's assume just to be fair that the LLC has 100 members (probably a high estimate). Brookville's population is 2,596. I would say that 100 people out of 2,596 wanting to work with the town to buy the golf course is a "narrowly defined interest" or narrowly defined group. So yes, I will refer to the LLC as a special interest group.

I do hope the Town of Brookville drops the whole proposed purchase of Brook Hill Golf Course and works for all the citizens of Brookville, not the concerns of a special interest group.

David Kirk
Brookville, Indiana