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Tell me more, tell me more– FCHS puts on student production of “Grease”

By Makenna Mays, Staff Writer

Franklin County High School put on its first musical ever last year with “You're a Good Man Charlie Brown,” and the students are continuing the musical theme with this year's production of “Grease.”

“Grease” delves into 1950s high-school culture and focuses on a summer romance that challenges clique lines. This is the school version of the production. Adam Hofer, the director of the play, said there is a lot of excitement surrounding the play from the actors and the student body because it is so popular.

“We thought now is the time to kind of ramp up a little bit, and “Grease” is, it's a name that people know and like,” said Hofer.

The audition process for this production began in December. The students had to prepare a piece of music from the show and memorize a monologue. It was a two-day audition process.

“We had the biggest try-out group we've ever had, so I think that's a testament to where the program is going,” said Hofer.

Musicals are a little bit more difficult than a normal play because not only do these students have to act, but they also have to sing and dance. Hofer said it has been really great being able to work with the choir directors and choreographer because they all have different strengths.

The pit is something the department has been able to utilize since they started taking on musicals. Hofer said Robert Williams, choir director, was very adamant about doing musicals the right way. Their first student musician will be performing in the pit playing percussion as well as a former student who will be playing guitar.

With opening night coming soon, Hofer said he thinks the students are starting to feel the excitement.

“After spring break, they kind of came in with a new energy,” said Hofer.

The seniors performing in the play said they were a mix of tired, stressed and excited but thought everything was coming together nicely.

They have been working on this production since January.

Some of the students have been in musicals before, and for others, this is their first time. All of them were in agreement the dancing has been the most challenging part.

For some of these seniors, this will be their last time performing in a play. Alina Sanders said it all was a little bittersweet.

“You can do theatre in college, that's not unheard of, but it's like these are the people I've grown up with and so it's sad that this is the last time I'll get to perform with them,” said Sanders.

Hofer said he was really excited for opening night, and for the students to be able to show off everything they've been working towards. He also said he was thankful for all of the community support and support from parents they've seen while putting this production together.

Hofer said he really just wants them to have fun. He said he wants them to have fond memories, and they were a really good group of kids he has been fortunate to work with.

“Maybe they don't realize it yet, but they're making memories that they'll remember for years to come,” said Hofer.

Those wanting to see “Grease” and enjoy all of the student's hard work can see it on April 12 and 13 at 7 p.m. at FCHS. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students, and they will be available at the door.

“Grease” cast list:

Danny-Isaac Selm, Sandy-Devyn Kerr, Kenickie-Calvin Knecht, Rizzo-Charlotte Barrett, Doody- Jake Bulmer, Frenchy-Laura Edwards, Roger-T.J. Howard, Marty-Alina Sanders, Sonny- Chase Tolhurst, Jan-Cassie Stock Patty-Olivia McIntosh, Cha-Cha-Makenzie Feerer, Eugene-Elijah Dean, Vince Fontaine-Andrew Trumble, Miss Lynch-Kalene Dean, Johnny Casino- Mr. Patxi Aio, Teen Angel-Mr. Tim Barricklow, Stage Manager-Lauryn Dessauer, Props Manager-Madison Roberts

Chorus Males: Terry Schwab, Gabe Vest, Rea Morris

Chorus Females: Karly Bergin, Brianna Bentley, Gwen Maddock, Lily Buerkle, Alex Cummins, Roxana Moisil

Student Musician: Blake Taylor

Crew Members: Olivia Monroe, Chloe Hoffman, Rebecca Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Kayla Galyen, Nick Harpring, Lillian Collins, Tori Vickers, Toni Williams, Gavin Dessauer, Hayden Dessauer, Isabel Rodriguez, Kinsey Murray, Meadow Nobbe, Elizabeth Ariens, Brianna Hecker