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Camryn Brewer no hits visiting Eagles

By John Estridge, Sports Editor

FC sophomore pitcher Camryn Brewer tossed a no-hitter, and she and her fellow teammates shutout visiting Jac-Cen-Del 5-0 Saturday morning, April 6.

Brewer's no-hitter was a bit unusual. She recorded only two strikeouts in the seven-inning game. However, excellent defense from her and her teammates and spotting her pitches, getting easy ground balls and popups, did the trick.

“Camryn had a really good game pounding the strike zone,” FC coach Alex McCool said. “She only threw 65 pitches the whole game. She was very pitch-ficient in the strike zone keeping the hitters off balance. They were way out front of a lot of her pitches. And she would mix in her fastball every once in a while to keep them off balance and keep them from timing up her off speed, her drop ball and her changeups.

“She was doing a good job of keeping her drop ball down in the zone where they couldn't hit it,” he continued. “If you leave that drop ball up in the zone, it's pretty easy to hit because it doesn't move as much as it would if it had been lower. She did a good job of keeping it down so they couldn't make very good contact with it.

“Our defense did a good job behind her, too,” McCool said. “A couple of times they did hit the ball hard, we made pretty good defensive plays.”

One of those was by senior centerfielder Abby Orschell. With two out in the fifth, senior catcher Karlee Wolfe hit a diving line drive to center. Orschell got a great jump on the ball and made an excellent diving catch.

“There were a couple of excellent plays on the infield where the ball was hit hard,” McCool said. “We were able to make good plays on them.”

In the top of the first inning, Brewer retired three Lady Eagles on three pitches, one for each batter. The leadoff batter, sophomore Shelvy Groth grounded to second; junior Violet Lewis lofted a fly to center; and junior Emily Adams popped out to third.

“That's the first time I've seen that,” McCool said. “She threw three drop balls. That was a good start to the game.”

McCool meets with his players as they come off the field and before they get their helmets and bats to go to the plate. This time he taught them using the three-pitch top of the inning.

“We talked about it,” he said. “I told them if that ever happens to us, the third hitter has to take a couple of pitches before you decide to swing, because you don't want to let them have three pitches and get out of the inning.”

The Lady Wildcats started their scoring in the bottom of the second inning with three runs.

Sophomore catcher Kloe Bolos led off the inning with a double down the leftfield line. Freshman Michaela Ferman, who has been

swinging a scorching bat, plated Bolos with a double to left center. One out later, junior Karlie Hahn reached base on an error on the Eagle centerfielder. Ferman moved to third. Hahn stole second on the first pitch. That was followed by senior Morgan Bare, the designated hitter, receiving a four-pitch walk. Junior Sarah Bare then plated Ferman with a sacrifice fly to leftfield. Hahn stayed on second when Ferman scored. However, Hahn then moved to third on a wild pitch. Orschell plated Hahn with an infield single to short.

McCool said the Wildcats need to realize a sacrifice fly or an RBI on a groundout is beneficial to the team.

“We did a good job of manufacturing runs,” McCool said. “Sara had a sacrifice fly, and we were able to get a run in on that. Some players get frustrated with getting outs, and we're still trying to teach that scoring runs is a good thing. Sacrifice flies are good.”

He said two games before Saturday's game, two players knocked in runs on ground outs. However, the players were upset they made outs.

“They were frustrated at the time,” McCool said. “But if we don't score those two runs, we don't come back and win that game, a 6-4 score.”

In the bottom of the third, the Wildcats scored another run.

Sophomore Camryn Brewer led off with a double down the leftfield line. She moved to third when Bolos hit a grounder to shortstop. Brewer waited for the shortstop to throw to first, and then legged it out to third before the first baseman could get the throw over to third. Ferman then hit one of the shortest sacrifice flies on record. The second baseman caught it on the edge of the dirt with her back to plate. Brewer easily beat the throw for the Wildcats' third run.

“Camryn's aggressive on the bases,” McCool said. “Their second baseman was going back on it. I wasn't telling her to stay. If she wanted to go, she could go. She's a good slider so she could slide around a tag if there was going to be one. But the second baseman had trouble of making the turn and getting the ball in.”

FC's final run came in the bottom of the fifth. And they both came with two outs. Both outs were scorching line drives right at short and leftfield, respectively.

Senior Morgan Bare had a single over second. Then, Hahn hit a screaming line drive just to the left of straightaway center. It hit the yellow plastic piece which goes around on top of the fence in fair ground. With the centerfielder sprinting to the fence, the ball bounced back so hard, the centerfielder had to hit the ground to keep from getting her head taken off.

Hahn ended up on second with Bare crossing the plate.

For the day, Hahn reached base all three times with the double and two Eagle errors on well-hit balls.

“She had really been struggling,” McCool said. “She worked on it before the game on the tee. She tried to level out her swing. She had a dip to it. We were trying to hone in on her swing, and she had a good game.”

With the win, the Wildcats moved to 4-1 on the season while the Eagles are 0-4.

In the junior varsity game, the Wildcats defeated the Eagles 14-2. Freshman Bree Bischoff received the win.

Hitting wise, freshman Kylie Lea had three singles and scored three times. Bischoff had a single, double and walk, scoring twice and batting in a run. Sophomore Kia Rains had a single and a double with one RBI. Freshman Hadlee Hornsby had a double, two walks and scored three runs. She also had one RBI and three stolen bases.

The JV is 2-1 on the season.