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I think it must be something in the water that any and all GOP members drink! How else could they ALL make such stupid political choices? The House just voted 420 to 0 to release the Mueller Report. Mitch McConnell kills a request by Adam Schiff to bring it to the floor for a vote to allow such action. Even the Donald said release it! What part of “release it” don't the hand picked AG Bill Barr, Mitch Mc-Connell, Lindsey Graham and a few others not understand. It's bought and paid for by you and me and we the people have a RIGHT to see it in it's entirety! It's a matter of Bill Barr taking over control of it and I'm sure this is NOT what Mueller intended. Mueller, when he testifys, I'm sure is going to say, I intended that Congress do it's job of taking care of decisions like this. Barr injected HIS decision into the mix by proclaiming the Donald was not guilty of collusion or obstruction. This is not a legal move by Barr. Collusion is not even a legally accepted term. Conspiracy is. I'm also sure that since there are some 400 pages to the report that there is some really BAD PRESS for the Donald going to come with it. Barr knows the law and he has overstepped his bounds by doing what he did, and this is just going to further inflame the rhetoric and hate by the people on either side of this. He also knows that the Donald is stupid, and his saying let it be released is going to be his death Nell! The report is not going to vindicate him, it's going to put the bare facts out there for all to see that the Donald is not fit for the office. Vladimir Putin is dancing in the street over the chaos that our country is embroiled in! It was the main purpose of the election interference, and it has worked beautifully. I would not be surprised to see Putin help a Democrat get elected next term.

The constant berating by the Donald proclaiming it was a witch hunt just feeds the hate. Do you really believe that 37 indictments later it's a witch hunt? That's not possible! There's people going to jail over this! And it is based on facts and evidence.

As Americans, we need to know the truth about what happened in the 2016 election process, was it tainted?

If you can't see all the facts in the bright sunlight , then you will forever be in doubt about it and all future elections. This is not about taking the president down. This is about the rule of law and the untainted operation of an election. If we do not get to the truth about what happened, without a hand picked AG named Bill Barr making his own summaries, we will never be a truly functional democracy again. It's that simple. It's not a Democrat or Republican issue, it's an American issue, about where we as a democracy are going to go from here. The un-redacted, complete and unedited Mueller report HAS TO BE MADE PUBLIC! Or, if it isn't, we will be fighting over who's got the loudest microphone proclaiming his views forever, never reaching a provable conclusion to the questions, if the actual facts are not allowed to be seen. The last line of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address says it all: “…..and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

If we, as a people, continue to hate each others views about the Donald, and never have all the facts about what was done by whom, we shall perish from the earth. The whole truth has to be made known, no matter which party you are.

I have one final bit of humor to add to this very serious situation:

A quote from a black and white TV show from years ago, that I watched religiously “I WANT JUST THE FACTS MAM, JUST THE FACTS!” as Jack Webb of DRAGNET would have said!

Until we have all the legitimate, accurate, un-redacted facts, which I have confidence in the Mueller Report to contain, we will not be able in ANY WAY to make an intelligent decision about the answers to the questions that confront us here.

Let's give the whole truth a chance to known and then make a judgment call!

This has to be done to preserve our democracy and civility.

Gregory C. Korner Sr.