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Michael, I agree with everything you wrote in your letter. Every item you listed have been proven factual. William Barr is about to expose the Democrats for what they really are. Hillary, Obama, Comey, Clapper, Lynch, Brennan, are all going down. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism. Keep building the wall. Make America Great Again.

Joe Coleman


I may be wrong, but it seems to me that if all the liberals who said they would leave the USA if Mr. Trump got elected president, need to pack their bags and get the hell out of Dodge. Since the Democrats love to see the illegal entry of criminals, drug cartel members, human trafficers, murderers and other miscreants through our southern border, they need a place to live when they get here. People like Tom Hanks, Cher, Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnel, Michael Moore and others leave, the illegals can take their abandoned homes to live in. Oh, and by the way, when all you Libs leave, please take Nancy Pelose, Chuck Schumer, Bill DiBlasio and Mike Bloomberg and that crazy Cortez woman with you. Nuff said.

Jim Reese


In the May 8 edition of "Tea Time", we learn the columnist's opinions on current events in Venezuela and socialism in that country. All I can say about Venezuela is that I'm not really sure what has caused their current problems, but our country has no business getting involved by throwing our weight around and starting a war there. The only interest we have in Venezuela is oil, and that's not worth sacrificing American lives.

The columnist continues, "It sounds like a script that could have been written by Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ....". The columnist is trotting out the old, tired rhetoric that Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are socialists. This is false. They are both democratic socialists. This means they support a democracy where the first priority is the citizens. Do we need to spend $70 billion on defense (2018)? No. Do we need more tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations? No. Do we need to give $134.7 billion to Israel (WW2 to 2018)? No. This money could be spent on such things as Medicare for All, College for All, and protecting our environment; all proposals supported by democratic socialists. Please do your own political research, and don't believe everything you see or read in the media. Our country needs a new set of priorities.

David Kirk
Brookville, Indiana


There is a thing that I hold sacred in my life. It is called the Constitution. The First Amendment gives me the right to express my opinion s in this newspaper uninhibited. I apparently riled one of the papers readers enough for him to call me out. That is also his right, even if he sounds like another Hanity from FOX News. One of his “points” was the Mueller report, as per FOX News, is a hoax. 32 indictments and people are in prison because of a hoax? Mueller's obsession with service to OUR country is his habit of writing a note and leaving it on the seat of your chair when you work for him. It says “What have you done for your country today?” These are the words of a patriot and warrior that mean something profound to him and ME! When he was appointed Special Council he took this job as seriously as a heart attack. He submitted a report after 22 months and 35 million dollars of investigation. Most of the money was recouped from confiscated money and property from Manafort and others. Now to protect the Trump, lap dog AG Barr has tied up releasing the UN-redacted report to protect individual 1 from indictment for 10 counts of obstruction.

When Mueller testifies as to the flagrant mutilation of his report by Barr, the truth will be known. All Barr has to do is appeal to a Federal Judge to get the appropriate parts of the grand jury testimony released. When a COMPLETE copy of the report comes out individual 1 is going to have some big legal problems.

“But there is no basis for saying that the United States is somehow “not a democracy, but a republic.” “Democracy” and “republic” aren't just words that a speaker can arbitrarily define to mean something (e.g., defining democracy as “a form of government in which all laws are made directly by the people”.) They are terms that have been given meaning by English speakers more broadly. And both today and in the Framing era, “democracy” has been generally understood to include representative democracy as well as direct democracy.”

The Mueller report has nothing to do with nullifying the election. Hilary Clinton got 3 million more votes than individual 1, but the outdated Electoral College gave individual 1 the election. It, along with Gerrymandering needs to be done away with, ONE MAN, ONE VOTE!

We are now in a state of CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS! This is the heart of Democracy as we know it. The deliberate undermining of all the Justice Departmental agencies is the main goal of Miller and a former adviser of the administration.

As far as my comparing Trump to Hitler, I let Trump speak for himself. He just spoke at a rally and one in the audience yelled out “SHOOT THEM” when Trump proclaimed he didn't know how to stop the “INVASION.” “Only in the Panhandle” he said, laughing like it was a joke.

Don't be surprised if people are going to be shot as a result of such stupid remarks! His attitude and mindset is very much like Hitlers, authoritarian dictatorship.

We have just learned some more economy related news. The “Great Deal MAKER” has LOST 1.2 billion dollars from 1985 to 1994! So much for being a high end CEO administer.

His latest fiasco is upping the 10 percent tariffs to 25 percent on China. Then he goes on FOX and proclaims that the US coffers are going to be filled with cash from these Chinese tariffs. Like I've said before, “YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID” The majority of the cost of these tariffs is passed on to the American consumer, but individual 1 was absent that day in economics class.

Two final points here. If you don't believe in climate change then you probably think the world is flat too. My Davis Weather Station shows 24.47 inches of rain on the 10th of May, and normal for a year is 43 inches. When the polar caps melt the seas could rise 4 feet. Florida is on average 7 feet above sea level. Do you see a problem here?

As far as unions go, I served a four year apprenticeship in Cincinnati Local 212 IBEW and retired after 38 years. I make $22.50 an hour from my pensions and I don't have to get out of bed. If it weren't for unions we would all be working for waitress scale $2.13 an hour. My first job, with Winkler Electric, as an electrician helper was building I-75 from Lincoln Park Drive to the North end of the Brent Spence Bridge. Myself and Len Kramer set all the steel street lighting poles in that section of I-75. I went on to work for Becker Electric for 22 years and ran many big jobs for them, like renovating Norwood Chevrolet twice before it closed.

This will be the one and only time I will respond to a comment made about me and my first amendment rights.

Gregory C. Korner Sr.

To United Way, Franklin County Foundation, Brookville Foundation and any other organization who helps our Franklin County Senior Center,

Over nine years ago, a few local people (Marilyn Hedrick, Larry Sheets, Charlie and Betty Allen) discovered the wonderful sport of pickleball while vacationing in Florida.

As you may or may not know, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States, growing from 200,000 players in 2010 to just over 3 million players today.

The growth of the sport is being fueled in communities small and large because of its ease to play and its wonderful social aspect which allows players of all ages and athletic abilities to come together to play. The ability to play from ages 6 to 100 means that parents can play with their kids and grandparents can play with their grandkids. And the health benefits are simply immeasurable. Many communities are now building the sport of pickleball into their recreational facilities and community offerings with great results.

Today, players come from all over the tri-state area to play on our Brookville pickleball courts, located behind the Franklin County Senior Citizens Center and Franklin County Public Transportation Garage. The Brookville economy is blessed that these players come from everywhere to play and then eat in our restaurants and buy gas at our gas stations.

When the first two pickle-ball courts were built in Brookville, a band of volunteer pickleball players, lead by Marilyn, Larry, Charlie and Betty, made the construction possible through personal donations and fundraising efforts. Fortunately our FC Senior Center board allowed the construction to be made where the courts stand today.

For the first few years our local pickleball players considered the playing of pickleball to simply be another offering of the senior citizens center. The Senior Center was even given a couple of small grants to help with the upkeep and expansion of the pickleball area.

But over the years, we as players and seniors have found out that the Senior Center struggles yearly to finance the running of the senior center, and so we as a pickleball playing community have taken over all the upkeep for the pickleball area that brings weekly pleasure to so many people from inside and outside of Franklin County.

Through donations and volunteers we raised the money ($1,800) to build the shade structure near the courts, so players have a shady area to relax between games. We've recently donated and spent over $3,500 to resurface and repaint all four of our current pickle-ball courts. Additionally our players now mow the grass and control the weeds throughout the pickleball area and we have taken full responsibility for the maintenance of the actual courts.

We use no resources from the Senior Center nor the Public Transportation Garage with the exception of a couple of times a year we like to power wash the courts and so we run a hose from the Public Transportation Garage.

Once a year we run a pickleball tournament at the courts. This tournament is held to showcase our pickleball efforts in Brookville and it traditionally fills up quickly with pickleball players from all over the tristate. It serves its purpose to highlight our pickleball activities, but it also brings people to Brook-ville who eat and fill up our bed and breakfasts. We provide the players with food and tournament shirts and awards for winning. We also rent porta potties and tents for additional shade.

This tournament loses money every year, but fortunately local businesses, including Margaret Mary Health Foundation and the Pickleball Rocks Clothing Company have stepped up to help offset the costs yearly.

The reason for this letter is to let you know that as you make future funding decisions to help our valuable Senior Center, pickleball should have no bearing on your decision since pickle-ball functions totally separately from the Senior Center and is supported and maintained 100% by our community of pickleball playing volunteers.

Continued success with your financial aid for our Franklin County organization in need.

We hope you'll come try pickleball sometime. We can promise a good time and you will likely see one of your neighbors already playing.

To your good health,

Rodney Grubbs For The Unofficial Brookville Pickleball Club