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A plea for the pool

By Makenna Mays, Staff Writer

Now in its tenth month of active fundraising, the Town Aquatic Center Committee members are asking for the community's continued support in reaching their goal by August 1.

“We are oh so close to getting started on this wonderful amenity for our fine citizens,” Brookville Town Council President Mike Biltz said.

The committee has seen an overwhelming amount of support from the community from generous donations to fundraisers held by the American Legion and Third Place.

“These are two people/groups who have consistently 'stepped up' when it comes to supporting something for the good of our community,” said committee chairwoman Beth Foster. “Two things, besides the financial support from these events, were the input received concerning the features of the proposed pool, and the huge number of people who showed up to support this worthy cause for our community.”

In a meeting with the engineers, members of the pool committee were made aware construction costs for the project will increase due in large part to high demand for similar projects around the country. It was determined that extending the campaign for too long would likely result in an increasing gap between the amount that can be raised and the cost to construct the aquatic facility.

Using the funds that have been collected by the August 1 date will determine the size, design and amenities that can be purchased for the facility. It will also give the pool a chance to be open by the 2021 season.

As of Monday, July 8, $2,434,769 has been raised which includes contributions, pledges and the projected funds from the town. This leaves a little less than $570,000 remaining until the Aquatic Center Fund reaches its goal.

This is a passion project, which began a few years ago, and was headed by a group of people who realized how big a staple in the community the Heap Memorial swimming pool was. The pool was a fun and safe place for kids to play and socialize during long, summer days. It was a place for families to safely teach their children to swim. It was a place for new and old friends to meet, something the committee is looking to continue with the Town Aquatic Center.

The goals of the aquatic center are to have a broad appeal for various age groups, accommodate lifeguard training and provide quality of life amenities for residents. Some of the additional amenities will feature a beach entry, toddler play area, regulation length swim lanes, a water slide, a sunbathing area and a seven-foot deep area to accommodate lifeguard training. This new project truly will have something for people of all ages and walks of life.

“After visiting the new Oxford Aquatic Center, it made me even more convinced that, although a luxury, it is a feature our community requires to move forward as the vibrant community we love,” said Biltz. “Please dig into your piggy banks and support this investment into the future of our town. You can help create a legacy your children and grandchildren can enjoy.”

No donation is too small. To contribute to the campaign, mail a check to FCCF, 527 Main Street, or donate online at Contributions are tax deductible.