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Local author writes children’s books to teach life lessons

By Elijah Dean, Contributor

Many children love to read, something Rosetta Bush, a local author, has realized and whose children's books teach lessons to kids relating to God's love, bullying and much more.

Her recent publication “Billy the Bully Frog,” is multi-faceted and contains a lot of lessons people may not realize. When a mean bull frog begins to bully other swamp creatures, two children have to help teach him why bullying is bad, according to the Bible. With the subject being about bullying, a hard subject to teach, it took her a long time to complete. Making sure that her book was cute and not a serious book or book that gives directions took a good portion of the time.

Almost all of her stories are based off some sort of experience she had during her childhood in Virginia, or experiences she had in Brookville. As a daughter of a coal miner in Virginia, she did not have a TV, or many toys. What she did have were eight siblings. They invented their own games, played outside and made up stories with each other. They did however have Christmas Pokes (an apple, orange, nuts, and candy), which inspired her story “The Christmas Poke”.

Her childhood could be seen as an inspiration to write; however, she has been writing since the fifth grade. All of her teachers loved her stories, especially the librarian.

“My Name is Violet,” is her favorite book she has written. It is based off her sister, Violet, who was born with Down Syndrome and diagnosed as an adult.

“Don't give up. Just keep pursuing it,” Bush said as advice to beginning authors.

She always writes about what she is passionate about, such as God's love.

With great books that will teach life-changing lessons and about God's love such as “Billy the Bully Frog,” “The Christmas Poke” and “My Name is Violet,” Bush is a great author whose books children will love to read. “Billy the Bully Frog” is available for purchase on Amazon.