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New Letter to the Editor policy

We accept Letters to the Editor limited to no more than 250 words. The opinions expressed are always the writer's own. Libelous, obscene, rude or disrespectful letters will not be considered. Letters may be edited for clarity.

All letters must be submitted by individuals who are area residents, visitors, property or business owners or have some direct connection to our community. Letters must include the writer's full name; anonymous letters and letters written under pseudonyms will not be considered. For verification purposes, they must also include the writer's home address, email address and a daytime telephone number. The letter may not have been submitted to, posted to or published by any other media. No more than one letter each month per individual will be published.

Not all letters will be published due to content or space constraints

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed a change to Page 2 in both Brookville papers over the last couple weeks. This is the first of many changes to come including: more historical pieces, a new look and new website (October 1st) to better serve you as the main news source in Franklin County.

Overwhelmingly we heard from you in the months and years leading up to us purchasing the newspapers that you wanted more about the community and less back and forth about national politics.

We have made that change.

We also feel it's important to have as much of a balance as we can when we present political issues. While we appreciate views from all sides, we can't just run one side. It's not what we will stand for going forward.

We welcome letters to the editor that speak about the community just as the new policy states. We truly appreciate each of you and couldn't do this without you. This is your paper, and we are just the stewards. We hope to hear from you on Page 2.

Thank you,

Brian Noah, Publisher


Kudo's to the new management team at the Democrat for implementing guidelines for letters to the editor. For too long, readers have been subjected to weekly rants by a small handful of writers repeating the same political diatribe. Rarely anything regarding any local issues. Almost always rants along party lines and usually about as lengthy as a Stephen King novel.

Sorry to see rules imposed but without guidelines, many didn't know how to be civil. Maybe now they will restrict their harangues to their own facebook pages where they can dictate their own rules.

We wish you well!

Jim Vohland