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Lady Patriots, Ravi Dare headed to Saturday’s Rushville Regional

The Union County girls cross country team was the second place team at the IHSAA Cross Country Sectional at Connersville last Saturday and will keep running at the Rushville regional on Saturday, Oct. 14.

“We can do better,” UC coach Alan Bell said. “We’ll go back and have a good week of practice and come back next Saturday and try to get that done.”

The Lady Patriots have run second to the Lady Lions in the past two years.

Samantha Ramey was the 10th runner to cross the finish line with teammate Anevay Antrim finishing 14th and Vanessa West 15th.

Alyssa West, Emma Cannon, Genny Antrim and Nora West rounded out the Lady Patriots’ regional qualifying team.

Seton Catholic’s Jenna Barker won the girls race for the third consecutive year. The girls from Seton, Centerville and Franklin County also qualified for regional competition.

The top five sectional teams and the top 10 individual runners not on an advancing team move on to the next level which is the Rushville Regional.

“Glad to see Ravi advance,” Bell said. “Would have liked to get one or two more out too.”

Ravi Dare finished 18th overall (19:05) and will accompany the Lady Patriots to the regional.

Hagerstown was the boys’ team champion ahead of Lincoln, New Castle, Rushville and Seton, all of which advance.

Andrew Miller’s was the first-place individual runner in 17:37 with Seton Catholic’s Will Stamm and Paul Stamm filling the second and third spots.

The IHSAA Cross Country Regional is at Rushville this Saturday, Oct. 14. The girls’ race begins at 10:30 a.m. The boys’ race is at 11:15 a.m. Union County will be represented in both races.

2017 IHSAA Girls Cross Country team scores: Rushville 40, Union County 85, Franklin County 99, Centerville 107, Seton 124, Connersville, 137, Hagerstown 145, Knightstown 215, New Castle 217, Richmond 268.

IHSAA Girls Cross Country Sectional top 20: Jenna Barker (S) 20:23, Hanna Stamm (S) 21:39, Lauren Kelley (FC) 21:53, Emily Tedder (C) 22:06, Megan Adkins (Ru) 22:09, Jaeda Miller (Ru) 22:18, Kayla Newman (C), 22:22, Charity Griffith (Ru) 22:36, Samantha Ramey (UC) 22:39,Tylissa Beckner (Co) 22:50, Logan McRoberts (H) 23:10, Shannon Daugherty (Ru), Anevay Antrim (UC) 23:26, Vanessa West (UC) 23:28, Anna Shaffer (H) 23:41, Katelyn Meyer (FC) Alyssa West (UC) 24:07, Abby Herbert (Ru) 24:09, Caroline Arndt (Co) 24:16.

Advancing individual runners not on an advancing team: Tylissa Beckner (Co) 22:50, Logan Roberts (H) 23:10, Anna Shafer (H) 23:41, Caroline Arndt (Co) 24:16, Molly west (T) 24:22, Alexis Howard (K) 24:50, Alexa McDonald (Co) 24:50, Elizabeth Moore (K) 24:55, Hallie Wilson (Co) 24:57, Grace Saunders (NC) 25:59. 67 Runners.

Union County girls placings/times: 10.Samantha Ramey 22:39, 14.Anevay Antrim 23:26, 15.Vanessa West 23:28, 18.Alyssa West 24:07, 28.Emma Cannon 25:05, 34. Genny Anrim 25:56, 48.Nora West 28:35.

2017 IHSAA Boys Connersville Cross Country Sectional team scores: Hagerstown 61, Lincoln 93, New Castle 97, Rushville 133, Connersville 143, Seton 147, Centerville 161, Franklin County 188, Union County 191, Northeastern 259, Knightstown 263, Richmond 283.

IHSAA Cross Country Sectional boys top 20: Andrew Miller (Ru) 17:37, Wil Stamm (S) 17:42, Paul Stamm (S) 17:53, Logan Tuttle (H) 18:16, Eli Halcomb (H) 18:17, William Smith (Co) 18:167, Adam Arndt (Co) 18:19, Trenton Bertsch (L) 18:21, Trenton Bertsch (L) 18:23, Kaleb Slagle (H) 18:29, Austin Wampler (L) 18:32, Britton Adkins (NC) 18:48, Trevor Ragle (NC) 18:50, Julian Reeves (R) 18:56, Evan Apsley (FC) 18:57, Holden Robinson (H) 19:02, Cody Moore (FC) 19:03, Ravi Dare (UC) 19:05, Trey Williams (NC) 19:07, Jonah Falcone (S) 19:08.

Advancing individual runners not on an advancing team: Wil Stamm (S) 17:42, Paul Stamm (S) 17:53, Julian Reeves (R) 18:56, Evan Apsley (FC) 18:57, Cody Moore (FC) 19:03, Ravi Dare (UC) 19:05, Jonah Falcone (S) 19:08, Austin Farlow (Ce) 19:09, Jacob Bartram (NE) 19:11, Parker Jaynes (Ce) 19:23. 83 Runners.

UC boys placings/times: 18.Ravi Dare 19:05,30. Luke Bantz 19;44, 45.Russ Hensley 20:55, 48.David Burress 21:07, 50.Hunter Logue 21:10, Luke Paddock 21:15, Mahlon Page 22:58.