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UCMS creates Honor Wall for Veterans

By Vivian M. Risch, Staff Writer

The “Wall of Honor” constructed by Union County Middle School eighth grade students is a masterpiece that everyone should take time to enjoy. The efforts of Chad Gutzwiller’s eighth-grade social studies students and the veterans they honor warms the heart.

Located in the atrium for the 13th year, the “Wall of Honor” recognizes all men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. Deceased veterans are also included.

The UCMS “Wall of Honor” is created by eighth-grade students who know the history and significance of Veteran’s Day and then begin collecting information about someone who has served, or is currently serving our country. The name, war fought in, rank, years in service, accomplishments/ honor, hometown, and birth date/death date are recorded and transferred to cardstock “honor blocks” for the Wall. Photocopies of photographs may also be used.

Students then take the colorful “honor blocks” to the atrium for the actual construction of the “Wall of Honor” which took three days this year to complete.

“It is really awesome to see students put so much pride into their work,” Gutzwiller said. “It is also inspiring to see some discover more about their family's past. For example, one student found a relative dating back to the French and Indian War (fought at Fort. Duquesne)!”

Fort Duquesne was established by the French in 1754. After it was taken over by the English in 1758, it became Fort Pitt and eventually became known as Pittsburgh.

The UCMS eighth-grade service project, “Wall of Honor” is currently on display and will remain up until Monday, Nov. 13.

What better way to honor those who have served and are serving our country than to gaze at the “Wall of Honor” during this week of Veteran’s Day. Thank you UCMS eighth grade.