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Blood drive being formed in county

By Marissa E. Lane, Staff Writer

The recent freezing temperatures have led to a blood shortage in the state of Indiana, with blood types O negative, O positive and B negative on backorder and others dangerously low.

Union County Opiate Center co-director Alvin Day proposed a mobile blood drive outside of the courthouse or the health department at the Union County Commissioners’ meeting on Monday, Jan. 8. He has already been in contact with the Community Blood Center, who usually puts on the blood drives at the Liberty Church of Christ, and several county offices to gauge interest.

The Community Blood Center requires a minimum of 26 interested people for the mobile blood drive to come to Union County. Day has found at least 30 and asked the commissioners if they would approve of county employees giving blood during their work day.

“I know the Church of Christ does quite a few of these drives, but there's still people here during the day that might like to donate blood,” said Day. “Not everyone can after four in the afternoon.”

The commissioners approved on the condition that county employees have the ability to sign up for a specific time slot to donate. The local community is also welcome and encouraged to donate blood when the drive occurs.

Day told the commissioners that he would present them with the details of the blood drive when they have been finalized.

For more information on donating blood, go to or The next scheduled local blood drive is Feb. 25 at the Liberty Church of Christ.