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UC Cheerleaders are repeat Tri-Eastern Conference Champions

The Union County Cheerleading squad wowed their coaches, the crowd and most importantly, the judges at the 2018 Tri-Eastern Conference Cheerleading Competition this week at Lincoln High School.

“I am beyond excited. I am so happy because the competition was extremely tough this year,” UC coach Kelsey Dare said. “It’s great to see the girls hard work paid off.”

The 2018 TEC Cheerleading Champions are Madison Hornung, Erin Bell, Keirstin Dunaway, Ryleigh Thompson, Maddie Whipple, Lydia Yamashiro, Lauren Kassens, Madeline Powers, Kendall Jones, Roya Walton and Sarah Myers. Coaches are Dare, Davis and Libby Brashears.

“An awesome job,” UC assistant principal Rich Padgett said. “They had the most energy of anybody. They put in the time to make certain they get it right.”

Six-of-nine TEC Cheerleading squads entered the competition including Centerville, Tri High, Lincoln, Knightstown, Hagerstown and Union County.

“The girls hit their routine with minimal flaws. We are back to back TEC champs!” Dare said. “They beat the #1 team in the state in our division (Knightstown). All squads were great, and competition continues to get harder as each TEC school keeps getting better and better. We are so proud of our girls. It’s a great week to be a Patriot!”

Lincoln Athletic Director Rob Bills explained that the top three squads would be announced with the large TEC trophy going to the first-place squad.“

The Lincoln Eagles placed third. The Knightstown Panthers runners-up.

“And first place goes to the Union County Patriots,” Bills finally announced. UC jumped to their feet and began hugging each other and everyone else within arms length.

“They killed it,” UC athletic director Ryan Overholt said. “They were outstanding. It seemed pretty flawless, I don’t know a lot about cheerleading, but it was very well done. Very well deserved.”

Bills graciously recognized the administrators in attendance and ran a sort-of popularity contest. The one with the loudest applause would prevail. It was a tight race until Bills recognized UC boys basketball coach Jesse Moses. Led by UC Cheerleaders, Union County fans cheered and applauded in excess.

“It’s great to see our girls do well. They’ve worked hard,” Moses said. “They spend a better part of their year rooting others on, so it’s great they get a time to shine. And they shined tonight. I’m very happy for them.”

Support for the UC Cheerleaders was tremendous from the parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

“I have been constantly impressed with our cheerleaders,” Superintendent Wenchell said. “Every time I see them perform I say to my family, the cheerleaders are going to put on another cheerleading clinic and I’m excited to be a part of it.”