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Howard Curry wins county’s only contested race

By Marissa E. Lane, Staff Writer

Nine hundred thirteen total ballots were cast in Union County on Tuesday in the general election, only a fraction of the county's 5,230 registered voters.

The majority of the turnout was Republican, partially due to the very few local Democratic candidates. The Republican ballots totaled 743 while there were only 170 Democratic ballots cast in Union County.

The only contested seat in the local elections will be seeing a new face: Howard Curry won in his race against incumbent Alan Alcorn for county commissioner in District 1, with 469 votes to Alcorn's 267.

Curry, who has not previously held a government office, hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the county commissioners.

“Most people know I'm not bashful about trying things,” said Curry. “It's easy for me to say I care about Union County, because I really do.”

Curry said there is no singular issue he wants to tackle during his term, but he does have a couple of top priorities: the county's financial stability and public safety.

“To have both of those things would make a perfect world for me,” said Curry. “We're pretty good on one of those things, but the other could use some work.”

Certainly, Curry will have his work cut out for him as more urgent expenses continue to crop up for the county. Soon, commissioners will have to be thinking again about how to pay for the ambulance cost for the rest of 2018.

Most other seats in the county will continue to be filled by their incumbents, with the exception of county auditor. Current auditor Gene Sanford's term will be up shortly, and he is not eligible for the position again. No one filed for candidacy for the position early this year, so a new auditor will be selected via caucus.

The complete list of county officials elected on Tuesday is as follows:

Prosecuting Attorney - Andrew "A.J." Bryson (D)

Clerk of the Circuit Court - Loree Persinger (D)

County Recorder - Lavinia Brookshire (R)

Sheriff - Dale Dishmond (R)

Surveyor - Ted Young (R)

Assessor - Diana L. Baker (D)

County Commissioner District 1 - Howard Curry (R)

County Council District 1 - Richard Blank (R)

Council District 2 - Jim Hensley, Jr. (D)

Council District 3 - Nancy Witter (R)

Council District 4 - Tim Williams (R)

Brownsville Township Trustee - Fred Lunsford (R)

Center Township Trustee - Matt Reuss (R)

Harmony Township Trustee - Joan Kuhlenbeck (R)

Harrison Township Trustee - Richard "Rick" Hill (R)

Liberty Township Trustee - Bill Baumbauer (R)

Union Township Trustee - Mark Rosenberger, Sr. (D)

Brownsville Township Board Members - William Paddock (D) and Marilyn Showalter (D)

Harmony Township Board Member - Scott Keasling (R)