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LTC continues discussion about nuisance

By Marissa E. Lane, Staff Writer

The town of Liberty's public nuisance ordinance is still in its beginning stages, and there are still clearly some bumps to work out.

Liberty Town Council members heard from another citizen about the enforcement of the ordinance at their meeting on Monday, May 7. Much like with the two citizens from the council's previous meeting, the main complaint continues to be the one-sided communication. But this citizen has already been sent a fine, despite claiming to have made progress on the specified issues.

The common frustration seems to be that a conversation isn't offered from the outset. While the council has worked to make the ordinance more specific to cut down on confusion and gave the enforcement officers more discretion, those in violation are still left to interpret the exact things that are the issue. Many issues are fairly clear, but the notice of violation can plant some seeds of doubt and frustration.

The town council continued to encourage citizens with questions, especially after taking care of what they discern to be the violation, to contact Police Chief Andrew Jordan or attend town council meetings. The meetings take place on the first and third Monday of every month, in the courthouse at 6 p.m.

Liberty Town Council also considered revisiting the town's noise ordinance after receiving a complaint from a business who shares a wall with the other business in question. Currently, Liberty's noise ordinance only covers barking dogs and excessive noise from vehicles. The ordinance has not been revisited in over a decade.

Town clerk-treasurer Melissa Shepler brought in the noise ordinance from the City of Richmond as an example for the council members to look over and consider. Much like with the public nuisance ordinance, the council wants to make sure the ordinance doesn't infringe on anyone but instead maintains Liberty as a pleasant place to live. The council members will continue their discussion at the next meeting on May 21.

At their meeting, Liberty Town Council also:

*approved the Liberty Volunteer Fire Department's request to purchase six new air packs and a small washing machine to wash turn-out gear. They also considered several ways to take advantage of the construction that will be needed to install the machine in order to make the bathroom ADA compliant, so that the department can be used as an emergency shelter if needed.

*gave the go-ahead to street department head Matt Reuss to allow one high school student to work with the department for his volunteer hours, as well as hire a high school student over the summer for part-time work.

*heard a complaint from a citizen on Wescott Street about a potential fence that may block a path to a public street. The council had not heard of anything about the situation yet and encouraged the citizen to speak with Matt Reuss.