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Senior baseball team members get a special graduation surprise

Last Friday’s Senior Honors Program followed it’s usual format but included an impressive, one-of-a-kind commencement exercise.

“I would like to recognize our senior baseball players who will be competing tomorrow at Regionals in Indy at 1:30,” UCHS Principal Connie Rosenberger said. “As you know, our graduation service is also at 1:30. At this time I would like to officially graduate these seven individuals. Mr. Winchell, I proudly present to you the graduating senior baseball players in the Class of 2018 and certify their eligibility to participate in this evening’s ceremony.”

Wearing blue caps and gowns, senior baseball players waited patiently just outside the auditorium door.

“This is an exciting position we find ourselves in tonight. We have an extremely successful athletic team advancing to regionals, and we have graduation both occurring at exactly the same time tomorrow,” Superintendent Christopher Winchell said.

“In order to properly recognize the men for their hard work in high school, it is appropriate to hold a graduation ceremony tonight. It is with extreme pleasure and pride that I call the roll.”

Each baseball player, Jesse Bowers, Cameron Michael Donovan, Noah Marcus Hartley, Mason Benjamin Miller, Leighton Dean Schulte, Preston Cordell Scott and Joseph William W. Weller, responded to roll call by walking down the aisle and onto the stage to receive their diploma.

With diplomas in hand, Valedictorian Levi Winston Logue led the turning of tassels to complete the graduation exercise.

“I venture to say that you will look back on this night and celebrate this very special graduation ceremony designed just for you seven champions. Congratulations,” Winchell said.

Needless to say, the Patriot Seven received a long and loud standing ovation.