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Liberty Lions Club fills need with alacrity

By Elisabeth Dodd, Staff Writer

Three weeks ago, Co-chair of the American Cancer Society Bertie McKenna received a call from a Union County woman needing help.

Diagnosed with multiple cancers, it was essential that she receive her frequent treatments. However, the absence of a wheelchair ramp at her house made it incredibly difficult to go to her car and receive them.

The company she'd been using for other home accessibility remodels, such as a chair lift, told her that it would take three months to put in the wheelchair ramp she needed. In her case, this wasn't simply an inconvenience, it was a large obstacle, which had her considering whether or not she could continue treatment.

McKenna was sympathetic and approached Carl Sharp Jr. who used his position in the Liberty Lion's Club, a service organization, to help her.

Everything simply fell together according to Sharp. He brought up the cause in a Liberty Lion's Club meeting, secured the material, and made it happen.

Last Monday he was joined with three other club members (Duane Nickels, Carl Sharp Sr., and Mike England) to ultimately build two ramps and a platform outside of the woman's home.

Their long day began at 11 a.m., and they didn't call it quits until 7:30 pm.

“We felt like we accomplished something by donating our time and materials. She was concerned about the time frame involved, and we stepped forward,” said Sharp.

“She is thrilled to death, and it takes a lot off of her mind,” said matchmaker McKenna. “I'm so pleased there are still people who help other people. This shows that the good people still outweigh the bad people.”