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Two new school board members elected amidst high turnout at polls

By Elisabeth Dodd, Staff Writer

Union County was swept up in the same wave of political efficacy that brought a high turnout and long lines across the nation on Tuesday, Nov. 6, for in-person voting. As a result, people were waiting in the courthouse until 10 p.m. to hear results while the election board worked tirelessly to tally the votes.

Despite it being a midterm election, 48.6 percent of people voted in Union County with some still waiting in line after 6 p.m.

“Big thanks to the poll workers who've been working since 5 a.m.” said Union County Clerk Loree Persinger, who had been working since 1:30 a.m. herself to ensure a smooth running election. “Thanks to West College Corner where the inspector had a health issue and is now in the hospital doing fine. They got through the busy part and the long lines and did a great job.”

The most suspenseful result was saved for last-- who had won the Union Township seat for the Union County/College Corner Joint School District school board. The non-partisan race was between two life-long Union County residents Jessica Ewing Jones and Mike Murray. Jones, a former UCCCJSD teacher, won out over current school board president Murray with 1,282 votes while Murray had 798 votes.

Jones could not be more appreciative of Murray's service, and laments they had to run against each other at all given that there were several townships with no candidate.

“I want to thank Murray for his 20 years of service to the community. It is appreciated. Unfortunately, we live so close to each other that we had to run for the same township seat, but we share a common vision of helping the community,” said Jones. “I'd like to thank the community for coming out and voting and for the support they've given. School is a very valuable part of the community and that is demonstrated by the voters that came out.”

The second contested school board seat for Liberty Township had Grace Atkins winning out over Kathleen Sturgeon with 1,036 votes compared to Sturgeon's 717 votes.

Election Results:

Public Question #1: Yes 1,508 74.18 percent

Senator: Mike Braun (REP) 1,749 69.85 percent

Secretary of State: Connie Lawson (REP) 1,828 73.65 percent

Auditor of State: Tera Klutz (REP) 1,803 72.94 percent

Treasurer of State: Kelly Mitchell (REP) 1,905 76 percent

United States Representative District 6: Greg Pence (REP) 1,819 72.53 percent

State Senator District 27: Jeff Raatz (REP) 1,872 75.24 percent

State Representative District 68: Randy Lyness (REP) 1,883 76.02 percent

Prosecuting Attorney: Andrew “A.J” Bryson (DEM) 1,734 100 percent

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Loree A. Persinger (DEM) 1,746 100 percent

County Auditor: Cheryl Begley (DEM): 1,638 100 percent

County Recorder: Lavinia Brookshire (REP): 2,066 100 percent

County Sheriff: Dale Dishmond (REP) 2,200 100 percent

County Surveyor: Ted Young (REP) 2,149 100 percent

County Assessor: Diana Baker (DEM) 1,682 100 percent

County Commissioner: Howard N. Curry (REP) 2,163 100 percent

County Council District 1: Richard Blank (REP) 398 100 percent

County Council District 2: Jim Hensley Jr. (DEM): 545 100 percent

County Council District 3: Nancy Witter (REP): 540 100 percent

County Council District 4: Tim Williams (REP) 506 100 percent

Brownville Township Trustee: Fred Lunsford (REP) 252 100 percent

Center Township Trustee: Matt Reuss (REP) 828 100 percent

Harmony Township Trustee: John Kuhlenbeck (REP) 155 100 percent

Harrison Township Trustee: Richard (Rick) Hill (REP) 155 100 percent

Liberty Township Trustee: Bill Baumbauer (REP) 375 100 percent

Union Township Trustee: Mark A.

Rosenberger Sr. (DEM) 323 100 percent

Brownsville Township Board Member: William Paddock (DEM) 151 100 percent

Center Township Board Member: No candidate

Harmony Township Board Member: Scott W. Keasling (REP): 122 100 percent

Harrison Township Board Member: No candidate

Liberty Township Board Member: No candidate

Union Township Board Member:No candidate

Union County/College Corner Joint School Board Member Bath: No candidate

Union County/College Corner Joint School Board Member Brownsville: David W. Hofman 1,604 100 percent

Union County/College Corner Joint School Board Member Liberty: Grace M. Atkins 1,036 59.10 percent

Union County/College Corner Joint School Board Member Union: Jessica (Ewing) Jones 1,282 61.63 percent

Indiana Supreme Court: Yes 1,419 74.02 percent

Indiana Second District Court of Appeals: Yes 1,443 75.71 percent