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Lady Patriots win in three at Union City

By Vivian Risch, Contributor

The Union County Lady Patriots picked up a second Tri-Eastern Conference victory at Union City last week with a sweep over the Lady Indians. The varsity Lady Pats won in three sets, 25-13, 25-22, 25-18. The UC reserves won in two, 25-18, 25-17.

“We played as one, one team, better than we have all year,” UC coach Joe Pavey said. “They are very long and are gonna give a lot of teams trouble.”

The Lady Pats trailed at one point midway through the first set but never fell behind again during the three sets.

Grace Patrick served seven consecutive service points to put UC up, 17-9, and the Lady Pats never looked back.

Union City rallied to four tie scores, 17-17, 19-19, 20-20 and 22-22, in the second set before Shelby Hill served the remaining three points for a 25-22 win.

Union County led 15-10 after the first full rotation and put Emma Townsend at the service line. The junior served a pair of aces that put the Lady Pats up, 18-10. Peters followed with an ace and then went to work at the net. The Lady Patriots finished with nine total kills, two aces and four digs.

“I am proud of how well we played against a good serving team,” Pavey said. “Good to have Brooke (Fields) and Emma (Cannon) back on the court.”

Fields fractured her hand during a pre-season travel softball scrimmage.

“Brooke takes up a lot of court for how small she is in defending for us,” Pavey said. “She has a gift of knowing where the ball’s going to go before it actually goes there. She played well, brought new energy to us.”

The UC freshman finished with three kills, two aces and nine digs.

The Lady Patriots host Richmond on Tuesday, Sept. 10, and Lincoln Sept, 12.

Union County defeated Union City 25-13, 25-22, 25-18.

Union County stats: Emma Townsend (6 kills, 5 aces, 7 digs, 1 assist). Grace Patrick (8 kills, 1 ace, 3 digs). Kasey Lang (2 kills, 1 ace, 5 digs, 18 assists). Lindsay Lang (8 digs). Brooke Fields (3 kills, 2 aces, 9 digs). Amanda Jahosky (1 ace, 3 digs). Eleyse Peters (9 kills, 2 aces, 4 digs). Shelby Hill (2 digs, 9 assists).

Union County team totals: 28 kills, 12 aces, 4 blocks, 41 digs, 28 assists.

Union City team totals: 49 kills, 10 aces, 9 blocks, 80 digs, 49 assists,

JV: Union County defeated Union City 25-18, 25-17.

Speedway defeated Union County 25-18, 25-17, 25-18.

Union County stats: Emma Townsend (5 kills, 1 aces, 10 digs). Grace Patrick (9 kills, 4 digs). Kasey Lang (2 aces, 6 digs, 14 assists). Lindsay Lang (18 digs). Brooke Fields (3 kills, 1 ace, 11 digs). Amanda Jahosky (5 digs). Eleyse Peters (12 kills, 3 digs). Shelby Hill (3 digs, 14 assists).

Union County team totals: 30 kills, 4 aces, 63 digs, 28 assists.

Speedway team totals: Unavailable.

Park Tudor defeated Union County 25-17, 25-12, 25-21.

Union County stats: Emma Townsend (1 kill, 3 digs). Grace Patrick (6 kills, 2 aces, 10 digs). Kasey Lang (2 digs, 12 assists). Lindsay Lang (12 digs). Brooke Fields (3 kills, 7 digs). Amanda Jahosky (9 digs). Emma Cannon (2 kills, 1 block), Eleyse Peters (9 kills, 1 block, 1 dig). Shelby Hill (1 ace, 3 digs, 9 assists).

Union County team totals: 22 kills, 3 aces, 2 blocks, 53 digs, 21 assists.

Park Tudor team totals: 41 kills, 4 aces, 7 blocks, 65 digs, 37 assists.

Park Tudor defeated Speedway 25-14, 25-21, 25-5.