As season comes to an end at Brook Hill Golf Course, we want to say thank you! We are so grateful for the support and generosity we have received this year. The amazing thing about Brookville is how people come together to support what’s important. We’ve learned, through you, that this course is a vital part of the community.

This season, tens of thousands of dollars were generated from outings that helped support local organizations and scholarship funds. We are proud and thankful these organizations chose Brook Hill for their outings this summer. These tournaments raised money that helped with projects for organizations like the American Legion and the VFW. Scholarships and sports programs for our Franklin County students and athletes relied on tournaments for a large part of their funding. In addition, youth leagues and camps held at Brook Hill gave our kids the opportunity to learn the game and hone their skills. Brook Hill made available it’s facilities and resources for our high school and middle school teams and athletes. We are proud of our kids that grow up playing on our course.

The Brook Hill Preservation LLC believes the golf course has sustainability with right investment, good decisions and continued community support. Good things are happening in the town of Brookville. A new pool, downtown development and a new hotel are on the horizon. These things bode well for Brook Hill if we can continue to make improvements. The course is in good shape but needed investment this fall to provide an even better product next year and into the future. Brook Hill becoming a municipal golf course and park for area residents continues to be the goal because of the opportunity for added investment and amenities. We are optimistic and encouraged because of the positive response we’ve had this season. We also know the golf business is full of variables and unforeseen hurdles that can occur. Our hopes are that community leaders and citizens continue to recognize the importance of Brook Hill to the quality of life and progress we want for our area. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next spring. Until then, thank you for all you’ve done in supporting Brook Hill. We are extremely grateful.

Respectfully, Brook Hill Preservation, LLC