Brookville Town Council met on Tuesday, November 26, to discuss school zones and speeding issues on 12th Street.

Concerned 12th Street resident Paul Yuellig discussed some speeding issues he has noticed on the street. Yuellig suggested a speed bump which BTC President Mike Biltz said would be an issue with snowplows. Yuellig said he has contacted the police and noticed the speeding is worse on the weekends. He also suggested potentially putting a stop sign in the middle of the street or adjusting the speed limit, which is currently 25 miles per hour. Biltz suggested Riehle and police chief Terry Mitchum should have a discussion about the issue. 

St. Michael School Principal Ashely Meyer began the meeting by looking for guidance on what to do to establish a school zone perimeter. Meyer said establishing a school zone would alert traffic they are entering a school zone and could help during dismissal and other times when the school is busy. 
Attorney Tammy Davis looked into the issue to see if there were set limits for the town but found little guidance on the issue. A committee is being formed consisting of Brent Riehle, Street Department superintendent; Tim Ripperger, town manager; Meyer; and Eric Johnson, BTC member; to further address the issue.

A representative from Saxon Financial gave a short presentation on health insurance, which is up for renewal for the town. The town currently uses Starmark for health insurance. Everything on the plan would stay the same except for the deductible. Currently, the deductible is $2,500 for an individual and $5,000 for a family. The suggestion was to change that to $3,000 for an individual and $6,000 for a family. The caveat to that would be in-patient co-pays and outpatient for surgeries. There would be an access fee of $1,000 on top of the deductible. 

There was a suggestion of introducing a health reimbursement account for any employees who need access to where the town would reimburse them. Council member Curtis Ward approved paying the access fee at one per employee and one dependent. 

Brookville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Aaron Leffingwell reached out to the town regarding an issue on 9th Street. According to Leffingwell, there have been several runs where trucks can't get out of 9th Street onto Main Street because of how traffic is parked. It was decided to draw a line to move traffic back a bit so the trucks have more room to get onto Main Street. 

Davis gave some updates regarding the scaffolding and sign on Rick Gill's building on Main Street. When Davis last spoke to Gill, the repairs on Gill's roof were still taking place, and he was waiting on a grant process. 

There is currently no permit for the Jansings sign painted on Gill's building. Davis described a situation where Gill's takeaway from the meeting he had with BTC was different than what BTC has intended. Gill came before the BTC twice with an application for the sign: one which was rejected and the other died for lack of motion. The sign is not painted on the building, but is instead painted on a cloth hanging on the building. Ward said as far as he's concerned, it's an unpermitted sign, and BTC asked Gill to come back and he didn't. There are some issues trying to find where Gill's sign fits into the town's code. 

Davis said Gill did reference some other signs in town that may not have permits. Ward said his opinion would be for Davis and Ripperger to send Gill a letter saying the sign was rejected at previous meetings; it's not permitted; and to remove it and come back with an application. Ward added, based off code, he's not sure whether the sign would be compliant. The board made a motion to follow through with what was described.

There was little to no news on the annexation front. A member of the group opposing annexation, Randy Powell, asked if there were any new petitions and if any had been rescinded. Town clerk Gina Gillman said one person did stop in to get a copy of their petition but as of the meeting, nothing had been formally rescinded. 

Other items discussed included:
*Signing the Christmas light contract and payment with the BVFD for $800
*Suspending parking meters for the month of December to help support local business
*Approving a flex spending account for employees
*Approving three building permits for carports
*Recognizing BTC member Cathy Pelsor for her work on Winter Wonderland in the town park
*Approving a bond for Darrell Flaspohler for his recent appointment to the Brookville Redevelopment Commission
*Approving the amendment to the declaratory resolution and economic development plan of Brookville Redevelopment Commission and the order of

Franklin County Are Plan Commission. This is regards to the BRC's Tax Increment Financing expansion which includes Cobblestone Hotel site, the town park, the Hermitage, Stenger Auto Body, the Aquatic Center property, State Highway Garage and Zimmer Tractor.