Brookville Town Council met on Tuesday, March 10 to discuss the Spillman System for the Brookville Police Department and some equipment the department was currently in need of.

At a previous meeting, the board discussed whether or not to go through with the purchase of the Spillman System for the BPD. The opinion of town attorney Tammy Davis was to wait and see if the state system would progress in the right direction.

BPD Chief Terry Mitchum said the system they currently have works, and 55 percent of the state is on the system they use now. His opinion was that the department does not need it. The board made a motion to table the purchase of the system indefinitely.

In 2020, Mitchum said some essential equipment the department was in need of included a server, seven desktop computers and cargo partitions.
Mitchum also said some of the BPD body cameras were no longer working. The department originally purchased GoPros through a grant, which were not designed for law enforcement. Currently there are three working. Mitchum gave some quotes for body cameras ranging from about $8,100 to $10,920.

However, Mitchum said purchasing the cameras before computers may be putting the cart before the horse. The department is currently operating on computers six to 10 years old, and they have issues downloading the video footage from the cameras onto the computers.

Mitchum said to replace the server it would cost $2,769 and to replace seven desktop computers it would cost $12,166. The department also needs three Motorola radios totaling $8,781.42.

The cargo partitions for three cars would cost roughly $1,500. Mitchum said he put the needs of the department first and could get by with the computers, server and the cargo petitions which would total about $16,387.

The Spillman System totaled about $16,182 so the town would only fund $200. In 2021, Mitchum is hoping to purchase body cameras, radios and protective vests for the officers, with the town funding about $4,000.

Mitchum said the department is applying for a $2,000 grant for body cameras and will apply for any other grant they can along the way.
The board approved the purchases for the 2020 year and will consider the 2021 purchases when they prepare the budget.

Also discussed:

*Davis had been in contact with Rick Gill in regard to scaffolding and his sign. According to Davis, Gill had applied for a variance but all paperwork had yet to be submitted. Gill also agreed to move the scaffolding from the front of his store to the side as he continues to paint his building. If all paperwork is not submitted, the town will file a complaint.

*The town may look into banning peddling in the town. Currently, peddlers are required to be fingerprinted by the BPD and receive permits from the clerk’s office. The town may look into a ban on peddling except in the event of school fundraisers and political events.

*The board approved Baker Tilly to do a rate study before a contract is signed with the Brookville Lake Regional Waste District.

*Truck decals for town vehicles were approved for $840.60.

*Brookville Volunteer Fire Department will be using the Schilling Center for its fall fundraiser on Saturday Oct. 3.

*Donations were accepted from Canoefest for $320 and $650 from the family of Danny Fox.

*The board also reminded everyone to be looking out for census packets. Census forms can also be filled out online.

The next regularly scheduled BTC meeting was Tuesday, March 24 but was canceled.