The following statement has been released from County Commissioner Tom Linkel:

"The Franklin County Commissioners, on behalf of the County, are terribly saddened by the loss of life that occurred at the bridge on Sanes Creek on Friday, the 20th. The bridge itself did not collapse, but one approach was washed away when the creek effectively re-routed itself. The County engineer and USI (the County's consultant) are presently investigating the exact causes and circumstances of the incident and the condition of the bridge. We are also trying to determine what will need done to re-open the bridge to the public. Since the east approach to the bridge was washed away entirely, the road will likely be closed for some time. For the safety of all, please avoid the area entirely while the bridge is closed. The bridge on Sanes Creek was inspected in October of 2018, did not have any significant structural defects at the time, and was not due for a re-inspection. At this time, the County plans to rebuild the approach and have the bridge re-inspected to ensure its safety prior to re-opening. The bridge may re-open temporarily with reduced weight limits if it can be done safely.

The County is also aware of numerous other bridges that saw high water and debris. We have been sending out crews to remove debris and make temporary repairs, but the public is encouraged to report any situation they believe could present a hazard."

Sincerely Tom Linkel

Franklin County Commissioner