A large crowd of family, friends and well-wishers gathered at 24 Liberty Avenue in West College Corner last Saturday to attend the Grand Opening of Deputy Donuts, the newest and busiest business in town.

Deputy Donuts owner Jessica Jones greeted each one with a smile and filled many orders in the process before the Union County Chamber of Commerce initiated ribbon cutting.

“Come In and Pig Out” greets customers at the front door, and grand opening visitors were also greeted by a life-size pink pig. Pink pig cookies and more donut varieties than I knew existed were also  available in the show case.

The ribbon-cutting was in the hands of College Corner City Clerk Judy Starr who was responsible for Jones’ decision to open a business in the newly acquired property.

“She told me there had been a business in that location for 150 years,” Jones said. “Think about that.”

Jones thought about it, researched it and didn’t break the 150-year string. 

Deputy Donuts is open seven days a week, 6:30  to 10:30 a.m. or until sold out. In the 11 days prior to the ribbon-cutting, Deputy Donuts sold out every day but two.