When I first began the adventure of authoring “Cultivate, Create, Nourish” a few months ago, it was quite literally just that: an adventure. When I was initially presented with this opportunity, I was very excited; however, I must also admit that I had a tinge of nervousness. Authoring something similar to a food column was something I had tossed around in my head and had hopes of doing in my future, but once the opportunity was in my lap I began wondering and worrying about how it would all unfold and proceed.

As my previous contemplations quickly became a reality, I found myself taking on the new challenge rather quickly. I do not believe that my quick actions were completely improper; however, I did often find myself wondering if I should have taken more time to better plan the focus and structure of the column.

I am very passionate about local food and I strongly believe that it is important for individuals to support their local farmers. With that being said, I was very happy to be able to highlight local producers and help to connect consumers to them. However, as I recently passed the Commission on Dietetics Registration Exam and earned the title of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I also thought it was an appropriate time to more thoroughly examine what exactly it is that I hope to convey to readers through “Cultivate, Create, Nourish.”

After some searching within myself and evaluating my beliefs, values, and passions, I realized that a focus on sustainable nutrition-related practices would more fully reflect what it is that I hope to convey to readers. I am hopeful that with my adjusted focus I will be able to help readers to identify and understand ways in which they can implement more sustainable nutrition- related practices into their daily life.

In simple terms, nutritional sustainability is the ability of a food system to provide the population with adequate nutrients for maintenance of good health without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their nutritional needs.

I strongly believe that nutritional sustainability is very important because the health of our environment as well as our future individual health is equally as important as our current individual health. Therefore, I believe that implementing sustainable actions into one’s daily life is something that everyone should consider doing. I understand that implementing these actions and transitioning to a new practice will not always be simple, but that is why I hope to be able to help anyone who may decide to take on the challenge.

My previous sole focus of local foods was simply only targeting one actionable portion of sustainable nutrition. There are a multitude of other actions which individuals can take in order to promote sustaina-bility, and I hope to be able to aid those desiring to be more sustainable along their unique journey. By no means do I expect individuals to completely transform their normal routine overnight; however, I strongly believe that every step helps.
In summary, proceeding forward, “Cultivate, Create, Nourish” will continue to feature local producers from time to time as support and promotion of the local food system is a component of a sustainable food system. However, I will additionally be showcasing and explaining other actions which also play a vital role in sustainable food systems and nutrition, and I encourage everyone to explore the additional options and examine how they could implement them into their lives.