A Cincinnati man received six years in prison for killing a Franklin County man on U.S. 52 in February.

John G. Richards II, 53, pleaded guilty to Causing death while operating a motor vehicle with a Schedule I or II controlled substance in the blood. It was determined by toxicology tests Richards had methamphetamine and cocaine in his system when he drove his blue 2008 Chevrolet pickup across the centerline and hit a 2007 Ford Focus head on. The Focus was driven by George E. Kraus, 56, who was declared dead at the scene by the Franklin County Coroner's Office.

According to court documents filed by Franklin County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Adam Henson, around 10:33 p.m., on Saturday, Feb. 16, witnesses behind Richards dialed 911 from their vehicle to report an intoxicated driver.

The witness directly behind Richards' pickup said the pickup was all over the road. Deputies were en route to U.S. 52 when the witness said Richards' pickup struck another vehicle head-on.

FCSD Deputy Donald Forsee was the first police officer on the scene after the wreck. Henson said when he arrived on the scene, he determined the blue pickup had gone left of center and struck the red car. The impact happened near the left edge of the westbound lane. The red car had spun a quarter of a turn and came to rest perpendicular to U.S. 52.

The blue Chevrolet pickup continued on after striking the red car, coming to rest on its passenger side in the ditch located on the side of the westbound lane of U.S. 52.

Richards was unable to exit his pickup truck and had to be extricated from the vehicle by the Brookville Volunteer Fire Department.

According to Henson, there were ice cubes in the back of the truck and in the road. There were some beer cans lying around the truck. Henson spoke to Richards while Richards was in the ambulance, and Henson said he could detect an alcoholic aroma while near Richards.

Richards told Henson Richards was driving the pickup; however, he denied drinking anything which contained alcohol.

According to Henson, Richards said he had been spending time at his friend's house in Brookville, but he would not say who his friend was.

The ambulance transported Richards to the University of Cincinnati Hospital where there was a blood sample taken. It was shipped off to the Indiana Department of Toxicology.

Five days after the wreck Henson spoke by telephone with the two witnesses in the vehicle behind Richards.

They said they began following the pickup truck at Oregon Hill in Brookville. One witness said the pickup was all over the road, driving from one side to the other. It often was driving on the wrong side of the road and went around curves on the wrong side of the road. She said it was speeding up and slowing down but was driving fast at the time of the accident.

After the accident, she went up to the truck, and it smelled of alcohol.

On March 20, Henson received alcohol analysis from the Indiana Department of Toxicology, and it was determined there was no alcohol detected in Richards' blood.

On April 12, Henson received the drug analysis from the Indiana Department of Toxicology, and it was determined there was the presence of methamphetamine and benzoylecgonine in Richards' blood.

According to the National Institutes of Health, benzoylecgonine is the main metabolite of cocaine found in blood samples.

Then, on April 30, Henson and FCSD Deputy Kyle Hartman interviewed Richards in the interview room at the Franklin County Security Center. After reading Richards his rights, Henson asked Richards if he remembered anything of the wreck. Richards said he did not. Henson asked Richards if he remembered anything about the day prior to the wreck. Richards said he did not. Henson asked Richards if Richards remembered anything about the vehicle Richards was driving at the time of the wreck. Richards said he did not.

Richards then informed Henson he could refer any more questions to his attorney.

Charges were filed on July 17.

Richards' sentence is to run consecutive to a prior sentence where he pleaded guilty to Operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction.

He was sentenced on April 9 to two years and 180 days in the FCSC with 240 days suspended to probation.

At that time he was charged with Operating a vehicle while intoxicated; endangering a person, and it was dismissed.