Firefighters with the Blooming Grove Volunteer Fire Department (BGVFD) were dispatched to a rural fire in New Fairfield on the evening of Sunday, November 24.

This was a fully engulfed structure fire and there was one, single, elderly female who was in the residence when the fire started. Fortunately, she was awoken by smoke alarms and was transported to the hospital.

According to BGVFD Fire Chief Steve Russell, the cause of the fire was an electrical heater. The house was a total loss.
Because of the Fair-field/Causeway Bridge closure, the BGVFD had previously worked out an arrangement with Brookville and Liberty fire departments to help cover areas on that side of the lake during the closure. 

There was a brief mention of the bridge being opened for the run; however, according to Russell, they didn't hear that during the run. Later on, they found out they may have been able to move the barricades but Russell said he wasn't sure how legal that was. The bridge has since reopened. 

Russell said the response time was fairly quick with Brookville and Liberty arriving first. They were assisted at the scene by the State Fire Marshal's office, EMS and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.