It's not unheard of for pygmy goats to have one or two does, but having quadruplets is pretty rare.

Singer Farms welcomed four pygmy goats into the world on Monday, November 25.
The quadruplets came as a bit of a surprise to the Singers as the mother goat wasn't much larger than normal. However, they are now raising four healthy pygmy goats.

The new additions are now part of a family of 13 goats who live on Singer Farms. Travis and Sara Rader Singer, along with their daughters Ruby and Gracie, are all putting in the extra work to keep the does healthy. This includes spending a lot of time in the barn bottle feeding the does to help out the mom.

They all have a lot of experience with goats especially Ruby and Gracie. Ruby started 4-H three years ago, and Gracie is now in her eighth year with full intentions of being a 10-year member. Both girls are also members of the Oxford Pike Pioneers 4-H Club.

Sticking with a “p” theme, the girls decided to name the goats Posey, Penelope, Popco and Peyton.