Liberty Town Council is filled with Republicans.

It was a five-person sweep Tuesday night, Nov. 5. Seven people ran for the five council seats, five Republicans and two Democrats.
Republican incumbents Matt Barnhizer, Keith Bias and Jerry Paul all retained their seats. However incumbent Democrats Roger Bowling and Rachel Marcum lost. Taking their places are Republicans Derrek Jenkins and Dereck Tipton.

Tipton received the most votes in the election with 202. Jenkins was second with 188. Barnhizer was third with 183. Bias and Paul rounded out the top five with 165 and 144 votes, respectively. Bowling was six votes behind Paul with 138 votes, and Marcum finished with 129 votes.
Republican incumbent Melissa Miles Shepler was unopposed. She had 218 votes.
The new council members will take office Jan. 1, 2020.

West College Corner
The West College Corner results are a little different from Liberty.

Incumbent Democrat Juanita Fenwick retained her council seat as did Republican incumbent Emily Bourne.

Four people ran for the three seats on council.

Republican incumbent Carolyn Portwood chose not to run.

Thus, the third council member is Republican Carol Kirkpatrick.

Bourne received the most votes with 70. Kirkpatrick was next with 66, and Fenwick had 59 votes. Republican Belinda Cross finished with 45.

There were no candidates for the clerk/treasurer position currently held by Judy Burke Starr. According to Starr, she will retain the position, and she will look for someone who would like to replace her.

According to Union County Clerk Loree Persinger, about 21 percent of the eligible voters participated in the two elections.
Tuesday night she did not have a breakdown on each town having the election regarding the number of voters. 

Overall, 366 people voted out of a pool of 1,707 eligible registered voters.

There were 82 Republican straight-party votes and 31 Democrat straight-party votes for a total of 113 or 31 percent of the ballots cast.
Results came in so fast, Persinger was able to talk to the crowd gathered in the Union Circuit Courtroom prior to her announcing the results. She had told people to arrive at the courtroom between 7-7:30 so she waited a few minutes before giving out the information.

During the interlude, she talked about Tuesday’s election, saying it went smoothly. One voting machine did not work, but the clerk’s office had a spare. It was delivered, and everything else went well.

Persinger thanked all of those who ran for office.

“Win or lose candidates we just want to thank you,” Persinger said. “It takes raw courage to put your name on the ballot. We thank you for coming out and doing that, for wanting to help your community and make it a better place to live and grow.”

She also thanked all the voters who did come out.

And she thanked everyone who helped with the election, including the election board, the absentee board members, the election workers and the election vendor who sends a representative to support the county during an election.

She said those involved with the election do it to help the community.

“They do an awesome job,” Persinger said.