Mark Mathews is a 2006 Union County High School graduate who has come full circle and reached his goal in doing so.
Mathews became the dean of students at Union County Middle School at the beginning of 2020.

“I’m excited to be working in my hometown,” Mathews said. “I really enjoy what I’m doing here. The hardest part of the job is learning the names of all 307 students but we’re getting there.”

Mathews’ history at UCHS includes a year of football, three years of tennis and four years wrestling and baseball.

He is a 2010 graduate of Franklin College and earned a Masters in Education Administration and Supervision at Ball State University.

A three-year teaching position at a charter school in Indianapolis was a learning situation.

“Found out pretty quick that inner city was not my thing,” the young educator said.

He continued for a year at Edgewood School (Connersville) and then spent seven years teaching third grade at Rushville Elementary while serving as dean of students. He also coached high school wrestling at RHS, a position he continues to do  today.

Mathews said education was something he was interested in even while attending high school.

“I love working with kids whether it be sports camps or hanging out with my own nephews and nieces,” he said. 

Presently the new Dean of Students is working on building personal relations with the 307 Union County Middle School students and enjoying where it all began.

Outside of school and coaching, Mathews enjoys all sports and the great outdoors.